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South African Clubs

AABC (Australia Africa Business Council)
The AUSTRALIA AFRICA BUSINESS COUNCIL aims to unite business communities on both continents. The Council promotes business networks, social contacts and increased trade and investment between Africa and Australia.
Contact: Richard Hill
Africa Club - QLD
The Africa Club of Queensland has been functioning for many years and is primarily a social vehicle for folk with links to Africa. Members range from new arrivals, people who have been here 20+years, and those just passing through. We have family, single and country members that encompass all age groups.
Contact: Chris Spencer Carr
Afrikaanse Klub
Ons nooi almal van heinde en verre om via hierdie webblad met mekaar te kommunikeer - of dit nou is om saam te lag of ‘n traan te stort, jou besigheid te adverteer, inligting deur te gee of sommer net jou sê te sê.
Afrikaanse Padhardlopers in Brisbane, QLD
Is jy mal oor hardloop of stap en wil dit graag saam met 'n groep doen wat dieselfde belangstellings het en lekker saam kuier na die tyd? Dan is die Afrikaanse Padhardlopers in Brisbane net die plek waarna jy soek! Ons hardloop elke Saterdag saam en ontmoet by South Bank om 5.45vm vir 'n 6.00vm wegspring. Na die tyd drink ons lekker koffie saam. Die afstande wat ons hardloop of stap is 2km, 5km, 10km, 15km en verder vir die meer geesdriftiges. Alle Suid Afrikaners is welkom (ongeag die ouderdom of fiksheid), insluitende tieners, jong volwassenes en Ma's met klein kinders en stootwaentjies. Daar is geen klubfooie betaalbaar nie.
Contact: Marjorie of Johnny
Phone: 0409447977 of 040944
AllBoks Social Club Melbourne
Anyone passionate about rugby is bound to enjoy the “Allboks” get-togethers in Melbourne. Specialising in South Africa’s favourite sport, Allboks convener Gavin Shaw says they are getting into the swing of things with the rugby season about to start. “Our gettogethers are very social and are always a good occasion. They’re also great for getting to know other South Africans passionate about our favourite pastime, and a great way for newcomers to make friends!”
Contact: Gavin Shaw
Business on the Sunshine Coast
Business on the Sunshine Coast. It is our aim to introduce Business People to other residents on the Sunshine Coast. We believe that by supporting one another, businesses would grow, which in turn would lead to employment opportunities on the Sunshine Coast. If you wish to register with us, by advertising your business, or service on our site, please go to the Contact Form for more detail. There is different options available, from business card size advertisements to multiple pages, depending on every individual need.
Contact: Japie van Rensburg
Phone: 07 5329 7538
Gold Coast Vriendekring
Ons wil graag ‘n vriendekring onder Afrikaners aan die Gold Coast tot stand bring. Daar is geen geheime agendas nie. Enige een is welkom, selfs mense wat nie in ons area woon nie. Jy kan maar net opdaag as jy wil. Ons kuier net lekker saam. Jy hoef nie lid te wees van 'n klub nie. Ons skakel in by die byeenkomste van die Afrikaanse klub maar reel ekstra byeenkomste vir mense wat in die Gold Coast omgewing bly. Let wel ons is nie in kompetisie met die Afrikaanse klub nie maar aanvullend. Ons is egter nie 'n klub nie slegs 'n vriendekring. Die mense van die Sunshine Coast doen dit al 'n geruime tyd met groot sukses. Enigeen is welkom, ook mense van Brisbane.
Contact: André Venter
Phone: (07) 3822 9595.
Great Trek (Online Forum)
A community website of (mostly) South Africans sharing advice and comparing notes on immigration, travel, life and experiences in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. An online resource where you can ask for advice, compare notes, read or write articles, book a flight, have a laugh, play a game, or discuss a just about any topic that interests you.
Contact: Ed Cochran
Ladies Lunches
Lunches are held at a different venue every month and on a different day each month to give everyone a chance of attending one of the lunches. We have a wonderful group of ladies here on the Gold Coast and welcome newcomers with open arms.
Contact: Heather Grierson
Phone: 0411 820 600
We hope you will become an active member and participate in as many events as you can in future. This group was formed with the specific purpose of helping people - to make new friends / - to help form new business networks and grow old ones / - assist in settling into a new environment. (Country and all.) Essentially, we are "People helping People" our main aim is to assist each other in forming and maintaining Business Networks, Social Groups and building friendships that last a lifetime ... Please join our group and become part of "OZNETWORX".
Contact: Mark Grabe
Phone: 0431759753
Out of Southern African
The “Out of Southern Africans” club is based in Geelong and has been going for about 2 years. It is a social club bringing people from Southern Africa together and to assist new arrivals in settling down easier. We organise Sokkiejols, braai’s, potjiekos competitions, ladies lunches and weekend trips. Contact: Carla Sitar 03 5223 1398 or 0409 335 645. Carla can be contacted on her email address, viva@pipeline.com.au
Contact: Carla Sitar
Phone: See Description
SA2OZ Forum
SA2OZ is a forum for South Africans who are either thinking of immigrating, are in the process of, or have already landed in Australia. We are a really friendly bunch looking to make friends both here in SA and in Australia and at the same time learning from and helping each other through the process. Pop in and say hello! We'd love to meet you!
Contact: Carrie McLeod
Phone: 082 851 3139
Website: www.sa2oz.org
SAAustralia Forums
Discussion forum for prospective and existing South African Immigrants to Australia, come share questions, experiences & have fun networking with other South Africans!
SAMVOA is an ex-servicemen organisation comprised of military veterans who were called up or volunteered to serve South Africa in the SADF or the SANDF, who completed their commitment and who now reside in Australia, New Zealand or in countries peripheral to this region. The South African Military Veterans Organisation of Australasia (SAMVOA) always welcomes new members and would personally like to extend an invitation to you and to any members of your family who may wish to join the branch. SAMVOA has a single rank structure that being Veteran and membership is free.
Contact: Gordon Pugh
Phone: 04 104 58308
SAussies Events - Sunshine Coast
G’day to all the new residents on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Yes, it’s true, we do believe this is the best place in Australia, if not the world, to live.

Since most of the people that are, in some way or another, related to one another due to friendships or business relations, we could assist new residents to this area in a matter of ways.

Just to make it easier on you, so that you don’t waist time looking for the catch, we are not going to charge you money however you may make a donation if you wish.

This site is mere a friendly and free service to assist fellow Ex-Southern Africans to connect with other people, private and business, which would make your start on the Sunshine Coast an easier one.

We might be able to give assistance like information on schooling, where to shop for specific products, how the different services work, areas to live in and even assisting in finding the right church for you and your family.

Making a start in a new place, especially if you have moved from one country to another, or even interstate, is very difficult and our aim is to try and make it just a little bit easier.
Contact: Japie van Rensburg
Phone: 07 5329 7538
Website: SAAussies.net
Sabona Business Network (SBN)
Sabona Business Network aims to develop and nurture a culture of sincere and selfless business co-operation and support amongst expatriate Southern African business people in Australia, thereby assisting in their success within the competitive Australian business environment
Contact: Richard Hill
The Currumbin Paddlers
The Currumbin Paddlers are hosting the Gold Coast Surf Ski Series in 2007. A series of 3x downwind races held on the Gold Coast. Also bi-monthly surf ski races held at the Currumbin Creek Alley. 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. 10 kms of ocean paddling. C'mon all you Duzi paddlers....
Contact: Paul Mauger
Phone: 0405 474 778
The Southern African Tasmanian Network
A point of contact for all Southern Africans living in Tasmania!

We are not forming a Club for ex-Southern Africans and are unlikely to organise many special events, but there has been an increasing demand to create a communication facility for persons in Tasmania with a southern African background. We are not aware of any comprehensive database of people of Southern African origin now living in Tasmania. When asked to:

>> Find or recommend a dentist or medical practitioner;
>> Provide a reference to a plumber, builder, electrician or mechanic;
>> Get information about schools, butchers, bakers or grocery shops;
>> Suggest where one should live, and why;
>> Recommend a half-way honest car dealer;
>> Help find a church you may like;
>> Be there to provide some familiar support if needed, and so forth,
... it would be good if we knew what to say.

Every now and then a situation develops where a South African family living in Tasmania may find themselves in a difficult situation and more often than not, if we can stand together, we can offer encouragement and assistance. We hope to avoid situations (as we recently had) where new arrivals from South Africa had a tragic occurrence, and no nearby friends or family to turn to for help or consolation. This may not be you today, but we never know what can happen in the future.

What we are asking is for you to consider providing us with your updated information. And if we know of any other South African people who are playing golf, paddling kayaks, watching rugby or having a “braai”, and who want like minded company, to forward this email to them so that they also can have the opportunity to be part of the network. If you wish to participate in this facility, or know of someone else who would like to participate, please add your details to the attached list and send it back to nico.smit@bigpond.com.

Name (Yours and if applicable husband/wife/partner):
Children’s names:
Contact: Nico Smit
Phone: 0427322627
South African Clubs
Is your club listed here? If you belong to a business club that is not listed here, we would love to know about you and list your details here. Please contact us for any updates or additions.
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