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by Stan Daneman

Stan Daneman's new compelling ebook on South Africa was published in December 2012. This unique book is narrated by Professor Marula – an old tree and Elder Statesman in South Africa. He recalls the changing scene in the country over his long life time.

“From my hilltop I have looked down on the living history of South Africa. From my early days understanding the Rules of the Southern African plains I realized just how much I loved the country and its peoples. We lived in a magnificent world – each species knowing their role in the circle of life in Africa. As I aged and became a Professor I enjoyed meeting with the leaders of the species and discussing the changes that were taking place in the country

Shaka played under my canopy and arranged my seeds into battalions, as a man Nelson sat in my shade and contemplated his vision for the country, FW de Klerk discussed with me the need to change course. My meeting Charlize Theron and her kiss on my cheek made me blush!”


  • Prologue
  • Lesson 1 The Southern African Plains - Peace and tranquility
  • Lesson 2 New creatures - The first Settlers
  • Lesson 3 The movement north - The Trek inland
  • Lesson 4 Shots and crosses - Conflicts
  • Lesson 5 New Rulers - The Rainbow Nation
  • Lesson 6 Justice and crime - The new era
  • pilogue
  • History Timeline
  • Some personal unpublished notes
  • Personal profiles of leading South Africans
  • Meetings with the Youth of South Africa
  • List of South African Heads of State
  • List of Top Ten South Africans
  • List of South African Noble Prize Winners
Read an extract from Chapter 1 of the book at the publishers site http://www.theendlessbookcase.com/ The is available through the publisher or AMAZON

“As someone whose connections with South Africa – up to now at least – have been vicarious via sport (mainly through cricket and rugby) Stan Daneman's eBook on the history of South Africa is eye-opening. Told via the appealing metaphor of a personified tree the work concentrates on the history of southern Africa from the arrival of the Europeans – it was they who after millennia set in motion the events that brought about radical and rapid change to the land.

The history is told – as befits a personified tree – from a romantic rather than a clinical point of view. Using the skill of a poet, Stan Daneman informs and illustrates while engaging the reader….this is an excellent introduction to South Africa. Stan Daneman gets behind the facts and explores the culture that made the country.” Bob Little Writer, Author, Broadcaster United Kingdom

“I learned about South Africa by reading Stan Daneman's book than ever before. An excellent reading experience” George C Toronto, Canada

“A compelling read. The Prof. is indeed an elder Statesman in South Africa” Margaret H Gauteng South Africa

“Very interesting reading! Recommended to ex and current South Africans” Harold H Calgary Canada

“Simply Outstanding” John H Sydney, Australia

“Well done! What a unique perspective of South African history.” Simon P USA

“Could not put it down!” Peter H Cape Town, South Africa


Real Quick Real Easy!

The Prof's webpage is http://www.professormarula.com/ – please visit and leave a COMMENT for him to read.

The book is available on AMAZON KINDLE or for all other devices, including PC's from the publisher at http://www.theendlessbookcase.com/ BOOKSHOP, ADD TO CART, complete PAY PAL information.

The price of the ebook is $8.50


Stan Daneman was born in South Africa. He now resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. He has previously published books of poetry – this is his first book on South Africa and it expresses his love for the country. Email: profmarula@hotmail.com

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Posted by Stan Daneman
22 Apr 2013

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