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by Jonathon Brews
At the tender age of 9 years old, Jonathan Brews was tutored in traditional oil painting by his father Roger Brews, himself an acclaimed artist who studied Fine Art at the University of the Witwatersrand. It was many years later, following the untimely death of his parents in 1996, that he resumed painting, using all the materials left to him by his late father.
In the past ten years he has completed seven works, mostly large detailed renditions of Africa with photographic like detail. Jonathan prefers large canvasses saying “I like to marvel at what I see, without having to try and figure out what it is, or if it contains some hidden message or meaning”.
His opinion is “before you can paint what you think you see you must be able to paint what you see.” He goes on to say that
“there are so many extraordinary landscapes, sunsets and wild life visions in Africa, that some, when committed to canvas, appear almost impossible “.
Famous jewellery designer Jenna Clifford was so enamored by Jonathan's work, she suggested he make some high quality prints to make available to her customers.
Having been asked by many friends and colleagues for samples of the work, he decided to release a signed, original size, limited edition of each work, reproduced on canvas. What better way to create a home away from home? South Africans love their African artifacts, thatch lapas, braai's, potjie pots, and we all have that inevitable “secret stash” of Leon Schuster Movies. What could be more distinct than a typical build up to a late afternoon storm in the Lydenberg district of the Eastern Transvaal? It could be that finishing touch we all miss.
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Posted by Jonathon Brews
22 Nov 2007

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