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by Philip Scott
One of the toughest people to win over (when I'm talking business and/or systems of course), is my wife!
I'd be the first to admit that I am not normally the most organised person in the world ... which according to her is why I need systems! And she's right! If it wasn't for the systems we've implemented our businesses would be a mess.
I think I have far too much personality to be a software engineer, but I guess that sets me apart in some ways :) So I'm not perfect ... shoot me!
Systems should never be intended to replace the personality of your business ... should your business rely on personality that is. I know one of the biggest reasons we are consistently increasing our monthly turnover is because of our our personalities :) People like us ... because we like people! We find time to chat when we know there isn't time. We give people the time of day.
Personality is a great way to grow a business, but long term, personality fails. Systems provide the only long term solutions.
How often have you stopped dealing with a company because the person you used to deal with there and built a relationship with left, and now you feel like you're not important anymore.Be honest, you know what I mean! You've experienced it yourself I know it.
People may love you and you may be the "personality" behind your business, but if you cannot instill that same attitude with your staff, then all you are doing is anchoring yourself to your business. And sure, like me you probably love what you do ... but it is important to make sure your business's personality is not completely dependent on your presence.
The only way to do that I'm afraid is ... set systems and procedures!!!! It may come naturally to you ... but it doesn't to everyone.
I think I'm slowly winning my wife over :) I'll keep you posted on that front.
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Posted by Philip Scott
11 Apr 2012

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