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by Loren Nel
I am constantly amazed at the resilience and courage that I see demonstrated by immigrant teenagers that I teach. It seems to be the nature of young people to have strength like a willow tree; the ability to be flexible, to bend but not break.
I took the opportunity in writing this article to have a chat to a few senior students from King's Christian College about their feelings and experiences on immigrating. I was really impressed at their response. All of them admitted to being really nervous about coming to Australia, but excited at the same time. There is something in the young that revels in adventure, and this is a great asset when facing changes. The students unanimously agreed that immigrating has had its ups and downs, but that they are all so happy that they have come, and wouldn't want to go back. Nicole found that, “at first it was hard to understand the Australians, so it was harder to make friends, but now it's easier.” Joshua, who has only been here for fourteen months, commented that he is “loving it and having great times with all his new friends.” He even has an Aussie girlfriend, Hannah! She loves South Africans, saying that all the South African boys she's met are polite and “real gentlemen.” When I asked her how she coped with the accents, she laughed and said, “half of the time I don't understand what they're saying so I just nod and say YA.” Cute! Hannah's opinion was that the SAussie kids integrated really well and were popular among their peers. She loves the way they talk and has started to pick up some of the South Africanisms. The South African kids in turn found the Aussies “friendly and welcoming”, “out there and easily entertained” and “fun and loving.”
There's no doubt that despite the similar weather, there are a lot of differences between South Africa and Australia. There's a lot of adjusting, adapting and accommodating that has to happen in order for kids to settle into their new lives, but all the students I spoke to agreed that they feel safe and happy here, and are so glad they came. Josh put it best when he responded enthusiastically to the question of whether he'd go back, “NO WAY! I love it here.”
Loren Nel is an enthusiastic and inspired teacher at King's Christian College
Posted in kids | King`s Christian College
Posted by Loren Nel
01 Jun 2007

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Please could anyone advise which are the best public schools in northern WA - in Joondalup to Tapping area. DESPERATE - Arrived recently and I have one week to find a home to rent AND register the kids into a school.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Selina Rousseau on 20 Jan 2009

We will be moving to Joondalup, Perth late in the year... my kids are in a private christian school here in Richards Bay, KZN... there are so many schools to choose from?? I need advise on what schools focus on sports and are the btter school to go to. Also - is is safe for the kids to cycle and/or go via bus/train by themselves? (ages: 12 and 14)
Rating: 5 / 5
by Selina Rousseau on 05 Aug 2008

phillip as jy nog nie reggekom het nie gaan gerus na www.saaustralia.org
Rating: 5 / 5
by marcel on 02 Mar 2008

Can anyone recommend a good in the Pyble or St Ives are in NSW?
Rating: 5 / 5
by cassandra chester on 12 Feb 2008

as a possible immigrant to Perth I was wondering if you had a school like yours in the area ? My youngest son is at The Kings School which is also a Christian school in Jhb SAfrica and it will be so hard to replace unless we can find a school with the same basic values. Thanks for the great articles. George
Rating: 4 / 5
by George BF on 04 Feb 2008

Both my kids are at Kings Christian College. My daughter is now in high school and has been there since year one. My son is now in year one and has been there since kindy. They absolutely love the school, and so do we. The Christian values they teach are awesome, and the academic standards are excellent. They are provided with excellent opportunities to excel in all areas.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Philip Scott on 31 Jan 2008

My husband has been transferred and we will be moving from Hervey Bay to the Gold Coast around March08 this year. I have contacted all private schools in the Gold Coast, and unfortunately all are full and not taking any further enrolements. (He is currently attending the local Anglican school, which we have been very happy with) We are hesitant to purchase property until we are able to enrol our son in a school. Can anyone please recommend a good primary school with christian values (my son will be in grd4)? Many Thanks.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Janet Botha on 27 Jan 2008

I am looking for other south african people in australia. if you have any web or chat sites that might help me. please send them to me. i miss my people.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Philipp Snyman on 21 Sep 2007

Re: "SAussie kids having a go!" Just finished reading the above article. We left SA just on a year ago, enrolled our two teens at an Anglican College and my youngster at a Lutheran school. My teems absolutely love their school, made fantastic friends, and as mentioned above have really been made to feel very welcome and looked after. They revel in the freedom they have found, the fact they have so much on offer and also just maybe because their school takes a true interest in them as people as well as students. Great site this.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Maggi Mackay on 24 Jul 2007

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