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by Philip Scott

It's a new financial year in Australia and I felt it would be very fitting to celebrate with some

new SBN incentives!

New Business Directory

We've re-introduced a printed business directory in the magazine with 40mm x 40mm display style adverts rather than classified style adverts. These are available from as little as $55 per month. This is ideal for businesses who can't afford the standard magazine body advertisements but would like to advertise. Advertising in the printed version will get a free inclusion in the new online directory which will now have display adverts (paid) in addition to the free listings. We aim to make the directory a lot more interactive and also provide localised classification based on the breakfasts attended.

Sabona Loyalty Cards

We're in the process of finalising our Sabona loyalty card system. Every SBN member and Sabona subscriber will receive a loyalty card. These cards are fully functional EFTPOS cards, but with the added benefits of some very smart loyalty program technology that works with every standard EFTPOS over the counter terminal. Advertisers and members will be able to provide special offers to all Sabona card holders and it may also help support our financial aid fund.

Guest Speakers

We have a new speaker program and will be bringing you some excellent guest speakers that will add great value to your business. If you're not already registered, visit our SBN page right now and register for free updates! www.sabona.com.au/business.business.ews

SBN Memberships

  • Breakfast included every month (per selected venue)
  • Free membership listing with details of your business (100 words)
  • Discount on display advert or advertising in magazine
  • FREE Sabona Loyalty card with access to special offers
  • Invitation to exclusive Members Only events
  • Free annual subscription to Sabona Magazine
  • Promote your business further by providing special offers to other SBN members

Gold Sponsorship (one per venue):

  • Naming rights (The Sabona/Sponsor breakfast)
  • Only one Gold Sponsor per venue
  • A joint banner will be printed for the venue with your name/logo on it and will be displayed at every breakfast
  • Minimum 12 month commitment
  • You get to provide “guest speakers” to do a 15/20 minute presentation at selected events
  • Includes the monthly cost of breakfast for one representative
  • Your company gets special mention and an extra couple of minutes to address the group
  • Logo displayed on weekly mail-outs
  • Logo prominently displayed on website in relevant business section
  • Free SBN membership
  • Free advert in the online business directory (approx Value $35 per month)

Silver Sponsorship (up to 5 per venue):

  • You get to be/or provide a “guest speaker” to do a 15/20 minute presentation at up to 1 event per year
  • Includes the monthly cost of breakfast for one representative
  • Minimum 12 month commitment
  • Your company gets special mention at every breakfast
  • Free SBN membership
  • Free advert in the Online Business Directory (approx Value $35 per month)
For details on how to become an SBN member go to our business section.
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Posted by Philip Scott
20 Aug 2009

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