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by Philip Scott - National SBN Coordinator

One of the most challenging things we face in our current economic climate is generating new business. A business man I spoke to recently told me that he's had to lay off seven of his nine staff. It's the worst he's had it in 25 years! Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting we should panic, just pointing out that while it is good to say we won't let ourselves be talked into a recession, we have to face the facts before we can dosomething about it.

The way I see it is that we would have reason for concern if we did nothing. However, I also believe these are the times where the greatest opportunities arise for those who are willing to put in the “hard yards” now. Be creative and it may just pay off!

We know that South Africans are making a very significant contribution to the Australian economy already. So much so that South African business leaders were recently given a special welcome by CEO of the Institute of Business Leaders (IBL), Jevena O'Brien. At a gathering of over 200 Gold Coast business leaders,Jevena O'Brien recognised the achievements of South African business leaders who had overcome the hurdles of migration and adapting to Australian business environments. She furthermore commended Sabona for the excellent work we're doing to help establish relationships between the South African business community and the Australian business community, as well as the excellent support network we provide.

Having formed a strong link with the Sabona Business Network, the IBL is well positioned to facilitate the growth of new business for expat South African business leaders, as the Institute does for all its members.

The IBL provides executive briefings as a key source of information to help business leaders make the right decisions. Feedback from the large number of South African business leaders who attended clearly indicates that the IBL is an important resource for the business community.

If this doesn't help you get the kickstart you need then consider this: Did you know that on average 85% of our communication these days is done through email? What do your emails say about your business? What do your staff emails say about your business?

Wouldn't it be great if every email you sent out was a sales letter for your business, even if it was sent out by your receptionist sending her boyfriend an email from work and his boss happens to walk past and see the email? This may seem to be a bit of stretch, but it is the type of “creativity” I'm talking about, and it is actually very simple! Thanks to an expat South African business of course … rocketseed.com!

Lauren and Brett can show you how you can leverage what you already do to generate more business! In fact, talk to them about how you can help promote the Sabona Business Network without lifting a finger, and get a substantial discount on their already ridiculously cost effective solutions. Come on , ring them … now … 0429 721 275, they don't sleep anyway!
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Posted by Philip Scott - National SBN Coordinator
22 Apr 2009

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