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by Philip Scott
Left: Montana Scott Right: Liezel Deysel
Young kids with South African heritage are making their mark in Australian Private Schools. Affectionately referred to as SAussies, they can often be found in the top sports teams, top academic achievers, and in the school leadership.
Liezel Deysel and Montana Scott, two students from Kings Christian College on the Gold Coast, are a perfect example of this. Liezel is school captain of the primary school and Montana leadership captain. Liezel has performed well in English, taking top honors every year in her favourite subject, while Montana scored in the top 1% in Queensland in science.
At Kings, a non-denominational Christian private school, many opportunities are available for primary and high school students to develop leadership qualities. Each year the College selects school captains, prefects, house leaders and other student leadership positions. In addition to these, students can lead in missions, chapel bands and choirs or other areas such as their personal lifestyle. The school has a policy of honoring those who choose to do their best.
Kings Christian College is no stranger to South African families, having a large number of students of South African origin. Many of the teachers are South African, counting even the principal of the high school, Mr Maleham, amongst these.
Both Liezel and Montana come from partly Afrikaans families. Neither actually speaks Afrikaans. But they are “fluent” in Australian ... accent and all!
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Posted by Philip Scott
01 Apr 2007

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