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by Philip Scott
Left: Montana Scott Right: Liezel Deysel
Young kids with South African heritage are making their mark in Australian Private Schools. Affectionately referred to as SAussies, they can often be found in the top sports teams, top academic achievers, and in the school leadership.
Liezel Deysel and Montana Scott, two students from Kings Christian College on the Gold Coast, are a perfect example of this. Liezel is school captain of the primary school and Montana leadership captain. Liezel has performed well in English, taking top honors every year in her favourite subject, while Montana scored in the top 1% in Queensland in science.
At Kings, a non-denominational Christian private school, many opportunities are available for primary and high school students to develop leadership qualities. Each year the College selects school captains, prefects, house leaders and other student leadership positions. In addition to these, students can lead in missions, chapel bands and choirs or other areas such as their personal lifestyle. The school has a policy of honoring those who choose to do their best.
Kings Christian College is no stranger to South African families, having a large number of students of South African origin. Many of the teachers are South African, counting even the principal of the high school, Mr Maleham, amongst these.
Both Liezel and Montana come from partly Afrikaans families. Neither actually speaks Afrikaans. But they are “fluent” in Australian ... accent and all!
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Posted by Philip Scott
01 Apr 2007

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by Sntosh on 28 Oct 2015

My 3 kinders is in Suncoast Christian College. Vanaf Prep to Gr 12. Great skool, baie SuidAfrikaanse Onderwysers. Christelike Beginsels. Daar is ook heelwat nice laerskole in omgewing.
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by Ria on 01 May 2011

Perhaps it might be worth noting that SAussie refers to South Australians. As I am now one (15 years later) I feel odd seeing SAussie being used to refer to former Southern Africans. Secondly, while I have had kids in private and government schools - newly arrived Africans should take time to research both of these types of schools - matching the child to the school. I have had mixed experiences with both my children. I recently withdrew my daughter from on of Adelaide most exclusive private girls-only schools and moved her to the local government school where she is finally learning some maths. Don't assume that if you pay through the nose for it it will be good. There is a huge amount of snobbery about schooling in Aus (funny, these are usually the people don't ask what Uni you went to). Similarly, there is a strong tradition of good government schooling here and some of it is still around (but not all are good). Do your homework and don't feel bad if you can't afford private school - just make sure its in a reasonable area and your kids will be fine.
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by South Aussie on 24 Aug 2008

Hi all - I know this post is a bit late - but there is a forum called www.saaustralia.org - it's the place where South Africans in Australia and South Africans planning on making the move to Australia all go online and share stories, information, everything relating to migration, that is! Give it a try if you like. I'm a South African still living in SA but hoping to be in Aus by the end of this year.
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by Marcia Bezuidenhout on 11 Sep 2007

Not strictly a comment. More a plea. My husband has been given a business opportunity on the Sunshine Coast. I am despearate to speak to fellow SA's in the area with particular refernce to schools. I have two daughters, in grades 1 and 4. Loved the article, made me feel less frightened about uprooting my kids. Any pointers re sites etc would be greatly appreciated.
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by Lianne Cawood on 15 Apr 2007

Hi I am an Australian who did alot of my growing up on the Sunshine Coast. I went to a wonderful school there in Woombye called Christian Outreach College. It is a private school ranging from prep to year 12, and I would very highly recommend it to you.
Rating: 3 / 5
by Sarah Oostryck on 15 Apr 2007

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