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by Brian Humphreys

Previously featured in Sabona for their outstanding success in producing some quality Karate Kids, Brian and Trisha Humphreys have been practicing karate for the past 40 years.

Brian has attained the rank of 5th and Dan and Trisha 4th. Brian obtained Springbok colours in 1971, when he represented South Africa in Europe. Now their children and grand children are all practicing karateka, making it three generations currently training.

The whole family moved to the Gold Coast in 2003, and from the very first moment, Brian and Trisha started working towards establishing a karate school. Not knowing anyone on the Gold Coast, they were ecstatic when they obtained a total of eight students in their Runaway Bay karate school, and in a period of 5 years they now own four karate schools situated in Runaway Bay, Oxenford, Ashmore and Coomera (QLD).

Their Shukokai karate clubs are extremely active, having, in 2007:
  1. Won a total of 40 awards at the ASKA / Fightworld Australasian Titles Karate Tournament
  2. Sent a representation of 18 Senior and Junior members to Melbourne, to partake in the Annual National Shukokai Karate Gusshiku presented by Shihan Lionel Marinus, one of the World Chief Instructors of Kimura Shukokai International.
  3. Produced and staged, a Supper Theatre show entitled “X-treme Martial Arts Spectacular”, which incorporated Karate, Martial Arts Stick Fighting, Gymnastics, Synchronized Marching, Nunchakus, Turbo Jam,Skipping etc., all executed to the rhythm of pumping music. A DVD of the show was also made.

This year Brian and Trisha will be participating in the “2008 Kimura Shukokai World Karate Tournament and Gusshiku”, which is being held in Zurich, Switzerland with 23 countries competing.

Even more exciting for the pair is that two of their Black Belt students who were their very first students; Madison and Isabella Ruiz have been included in the team to represent Australia.

Why Karate

Karate is full of the stuff kids love most, punching and kicking plus tons of high energy activities that keep them interested and motivated, plus karate instructors are generally great role models with lots of energy and plenty of experience, just take Brian and Trisha for example.

Above all else, Karate gives kids that added edge. It helps with improvements in concentration, fitness, co-ordination and self Esteem.

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Posted by Brian Humphreys
13 Jun 2008

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Mar 2013
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Hi - my son has been doing Karate since he was 5. Today he is with Sensei Garry Edwards at the Redlands Karate Dojo in Thornlands, QLD. Damien is Blue Belt 3 KYU Provisional and will grade Brown Belt 2 KYU at the end of this year. Karate has given him confidence, given him the ability to make responsible decisions and just made him a beautiful person. He competes in JKA-AKSL, FightWorld, Australian Karate Super League and ISKA. He is fantastic at Kumite and working hard on his Kata. We love the tournament world and usually have one every three-four weeks. Karate has done wonders for Damien and as soon as our younger son Keagan turns 7, he will take on the sport as well. Lovely to read your news Veronica
Rating: 5 / 5
by Veronica Prins on 25 Jul 2011

Rating: 5 / 5
by JAPIE CILLIERS on 12 Apr 2011

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