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by Shane Leite
It’s unanimous, the most common thread to all the questions on shaneleite. com was “This all sounds very exciting, but where do I start?”. In this article I will give you the “High Level” points on where to start, but you will have to subscribe to www.shaneleite.com to get the weekly articles with all the juicy details.
Internet Marketing is building your database, generating more traffic to your website and stirring it all together to make a profit. Before I continue, it’s important to know that these profits can be directly from your customers or indirectly/ passively through 3rd party income generation opportunities. In terms of internet marketing this can be achieved through Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising, Social Marketing, etc. To build a foundation, I will define two of these here.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) When you do a search in your favourite search engine, the Natural Results are the results displayed on the left ¾ of the page. The important point here is that you can’t pay for or manipulate your position for top rankings - you need to earn your position. So SEO is highlighting your website to the major search engines to stand out for selected keywords and achieve higher rankings naturally. In my blogs I will go into more detail as to what used to work, what works now, understanding the market changes, why changes occur and the way the major search engines calculate the rankings.
Paid Advertising is commonly referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC), which is not strictly correct as PPC is only one form of paid advertising, however our focus will be on PPC. In my honest opinion, I would have to say every business should be involved with some form on PPC advertising as a minimum in their Internet Marketing. PPC puts all businesses on an even playing field - all advertisers have the same advertising space, the same number of words etc. Branding is no longer an option, it boils down to a good Return On Investment (ROI), which allows the small home office to play with the big boys.
I’m out of space already, to find out more head to www.shaneleite.com, ask questions for some clarification or subscribe for the details as to getting started.
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Posted by Shane Leite
01 Aug 2007

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