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by Shane Leite
In this issue we are going to discuss Keyword Research. Keyword research is by far the most important item when doing any form of Internet Marketing. In any industry, there are a number of keywords and keyword variations to consider. However, there are elements relating to each of these keywords we need to consider.
One of the elements to consider is the keyword's “commercial intent”. A keyword's “commercial intent” is the probability of the keyword having commercial value. What I mean by that is, when people search the internet, they start with research or information gathering keywords. These searched keywords are typed into search engines to find out more about a product or service. There is no “commercial” value in these keywords, these are research typ phrases.
Let's look at an example. We may be looking for a product to boost or increase energy, our keyword would then be “increase energy”. During our search, this keyword would present us with products that could increase energy. The probability of buying during this phase is low to none. After reading reviews, prices and recommendations we find the product called “inositol”. We then type “inositol buy” in the search engine, to find inositol products to buy. The probability of us buying a product now is high. From this example, “increase energy” would have low commercial intent and “inositol buy” would have a high commercial intent. So when we use paid advertising such as Google Adwords, we want to focus on keywords that have high commercial intent. In other words, keywords that will maximise our return on investment.
Every industry is different, however, Microsoft have developed a free tool called Online Commercial Intent, OCI for short (see http://adlab.msn.com/Online- Commercial Intention/Default. aspx). This tool helps us analyse the commercial intent value of a keyword. The next step is to find and choose your keywords that you are going to bid on in Google. There are many keyword research tools available on the internet. However, when creating your first campaign, I suggest using the free Google Keyword tool. To use this tool, log into your Google Adwords account, click on Campaigns, click on Tools and select Keyword Tool. I'm going to leave you on that note.
Next issue we will discuss the different ways you can bid on your keywords in Google. For now, start finding those keywords, and if you have any questions, head over to http://www.sabona.com.au/'http://www.shaneleite.com/ if you have any questions.
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Posted by Shane Leite
29 Oct 2008

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