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by Shane Leite
During consultations with my clients I am often asked “If I did only one form of internet marketing what would you recommend?” Well that’s easy… Pay Per Click (PPC). The name PPC speaks for itself, in that you ONLY pay when someone clicks on your advert, not for the number of times you advert displayed.

Pay Per Click comes in many forms, and there are various strategies to take advantage of. However, I want to be very specific and focus on Pay Per Click services offered by Google, namely Google Adwords (www.google.com.au/adwords). Why? Well because Google is currently the most popular search engine, holding more that 62% of internet searches. And in my personal opinion, it has the more powerful PPC service.

My philosophy has always been “If you can’t track and measure it why do it” and the thing I love about PPC is how measurable it is. Google has many tools for you to take advantage of to track your campaign, and monitor the Return on Investment (ROI).

The first thing to do after reading this article is:

1. Create a Google Adwords account through http://www.google.com.au/adwords. If you get stuck, visit http://www.shaneleite.com and ask for help.

2. When you have created your Adwords account install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free website statistics tool that I highly recommend. You need to install this immediately to get a benchmark of current website performance.

Now that you have started to benchmark your website, let’s explain the background of what we are going to do and implement. With PPC, you are going to find keywords that relate to you product or service, upload these keywords and write adverts for these keywords. When people use the Google search engine, your advert will display when users type in the keywords you have selected to use. Sounds simple! Yes it is, but don’t go out and build you campaign immediately. I am going to share a lot of secrets with you over the next few articles to make sure you don’t waste (or loose) money playing the PPC game.

These adverts are what Google calls “Sponsor Links”. When you type a search phrase in Google, you will search results split into 2 columns. The column on the left taking approximately two-thirds of the page is the natural results. The results on the right, taking approximately one-third of the screen is where your advert will display as a Sponsored Link In the next article we will get stuck into setting up your first campaign. In the meantime start thinking about keywords that relate to your product or service offering.

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Posted by Shane Leite
16 Jun 2008

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