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by Philip Scott
Now, when youíve already climbed the mountain previously, but for the sake of your kids you had take the express route down the other side only to have to climb another (albeit safer) mountain all over again, it seems ten times more difficult!

Forget the fact that this time you have the experience and maybe even better tools to do it with. The fact is it took many years to achieve and now you want to climb the new mountain in record time. Hey, Iím sure it is possible, but it seems to me that Southern African men in general put too much pressure on themselves. ďIím the bread-winner and I am responsible for my family.Ē Sure, that may be true, but remember why youíre doing it in the first place! Think of your reasons and WRITE THEM DOWN! Stick it on the fridge and remind yourself every day. Then give yourself time.

When you climbed that mountain the first time you had all your buddies from school and varsity/technicon/ wherever Ö and of course family and extended family friends. This time youíre in unfamiliar territory Ö itís not like you played at the base of the mountain as a kid now is it? This is a whole new mountain with new rules. Doing it on your own may be possible, but is it really a good idea? OK, OK Ö donít stress, the correct answer is Ö. NO!

You need a new support network, and what better place to look than the SBN (Sabona Business Network). And now there are even MORE reasons why you should join the SBN!

ē We have a new corporate sponsor! WHK (see their advert on page 45) have shown exceptional vision and have come on board to help the SBN grow even bigger. I encourage you to register yourself at sabona.com.au/business_network so you donít miss out! WHK has already shown that they are willing to go out of their way to support the Southern African community. In my book that speaks volumes.

ē A new informal partnership with the Institute of Business Leaders gives us access to more resources to assist and support our members. If there are two organisations you simply HAVE to be a part of then it is the SBN and the IBL (businessleaders.com.au).

Aligning yourself with the right people will be a key in your journey back up the mountain.

When you have 10 people all wanting to reach the top and it doesnít matter who gets there first, it makes sense to do it together and help each other achieve that. If one of the people you team up with gets there before you, does it matter? Isnít the goal to reach the top, not necessarily to reach it before anyone else?

I bet youíll get to the top and look down and realise that the old mountain looks like Kanon Koppie vs the Table Mountain youíve just scaled. And of course youíll appreciate the view so much more.

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Posted by Philip Scott
16 Jun 2008

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