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by Philip Scott
I recently received an email trying to sell me a course on effective communication. The title was “Business building without people skills is a recipe for disaster …”
My dad used to say that sales people are the worst kind, “don't ever become a salesman” he used to say. As a (think typical) young Afrikaans boy, I would have done ANYTHING to get my dad's approval. I never did get his approval much, but I was determined to avoid ever being such a dreaded monster.
As a result I followed the path I was destined to follow and became a software and electronics engineer. Soon enough I ended up in my own business and to get development contracts, what did I have to do? Sell!
So after many years of study so I don't have to be a salesman, I end up a salesman! Which brings me back to the aforementioned recipe for disaster …
In my opinion buzz words are over-rated. “People skills” is just a fancy way of saying “being polite”. If someone relates to you, they'll buy from you, if they don't they won't. It's that simple! OK, so there's the matter of your product, but if they don't like you, the product is of no consequence.
I find a lot of people attend the breakfasts, but straight after get up and leave without “networking” with anyone. Talk about a good way of not getting any business! Try this: As soon as the breakfast is finished, go up to someone you don't know and simply say “Hi I'm Philip. Tell me more about what you do!”. Pretty simple hey? Of course you'll put your own name in there, but even if you don't it will certainly make for some interesting conversation! And all of a sudden you have a relationship with someone you didn't have one with before.
If you call me or email me and ask (politely!) I'll share with you the BEST sales method EVER, as taught to me by my good friend Catherine Palin-Brinkworth. It works every time!
National Network Co-ordinator
Philip Scott
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Posted by Philip Scott
27 Nov 2007

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