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by Philip Scott
Yes, I know I am a geek, but surely no one can argue that when technology is used well, it is not only brilliant but a pleasure to use.
I don't believe in buying gadgets for the sake of buying a gadget. I don't have an iPad. I think iPad's are brilliant, but I can't justify it on my current position as at this point it would only be a toy (not that there is anything wrong with that!)
I do have a new iPhone 4S though, and it is just brilliant, as are the Android devices (even they don't have Siri ... I love Siri!!!), but I'm not even talking about the devices themselves. These devices are unbelievably amazing. The technology involved is absolutely spectacular, but it is in the application that I gain the greatest pleasure from these devices.
Granted, it is fairly simple compared to designing the iPhone itself, but the practical application of this is just brilliant. For so long technology has been exciting and full of possibilities, but only now is it starting to really deliver in ways that us everyday people can benefit from it.
Siri, please tell Shane I am going to the business breakfast in Milton on Friday. Oh and Siri, please remind me to pick up some flowers for my wife when I leave work.
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Posted by Philip Scott
25 Oct 2011

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