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by Bosveld Koos
'n Boer maak ‘n plan!
BK has the solution to the drought problem in Aus – elect him “praaim minister!” John How-again and that other poepol thinks the answer lies with making more water, but BK knows…the answer is in using the water you have better.
Because the Almighty in all his wisdom has allotted a certain amount of rain for each country, according to their sins. Don't get me wrong here - I'm not saying Australia gets less than anybody else – nee, man - hulle hoer en rumoer net soos baie of so min soos almal anders… But the problem is those bleddie bloekombome – they're busier than a one-legged man in a backside kicking contest suiping all the precious water. So while Johnny and his other tjommie can't find their totties with a 6 man search party, BK has found the solution: braai more! Don't outlaw braaifires, but make a law that says only bloekomhout allowed. Then have braais, boerewors competitions, bazaars, oxbraais, sosatie-paarties, potjiekos kompetisies, youname- it – and let the “goewerment” pay to promote this traditional Afrikaans cultural events.
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Posted by Bosveld Koos
01 Apr 2007

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it's not you, it's me ~i don't have a sense of humor; only a mild ha ha
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by bell on 07 Jul 2007

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