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The traditional South African sport of ringball, which was originally known as korfball, is soon to be introduced in Australia.

Teams from Ringball South Africa will arrive in Perth on June 20th as part of the organisation's development plan. These teams will play exhibition matches in Perth to introduce and promote ringball to Australians.

Ringball is a traditional South African family sport that has been played since 1907. It was adapted from basketball to accommodate women and was played under the South African Basketball Union from 1907 to 1916. Korfball was the official school sport at traditional Afrikaans schools until the early 1980's when netball was introduced into schools.

The name change from korfball to ringball was done in 2007 to enable the sport to develop internationally. Ringball South Africa members hope the sport will enjoy international recognition and that an international controlling body will be established in the near future. The sport is now also promoted in the Netherlands, Namibia, New Zealand, Botswana and other African countries.

In South Africa the sport has grown and there are 270 clubs in 18 unions that are registered with Ringball South Africa. Players of all ages participate in annual South African championships and South African schools championships.

It is a game mostly played separately by men and women, or socially by mixed teams in the action version of ringball.

The Perth tour comprises two SA senior men's and two SA senior women's teams and two SA U/23 women's action teams, together with managers and referees.

For more information see http://www.ringballsa.co.za/.

About Ringball

  • The game can be played on all weather, grass or indoor courts.
  • The court measures 27m x 18m and is divided into three equal thirds, with three players per team playing only in their own third.
  • The team consists of three goal shooters, three defenders and three centre players.
  • With minor adjustments a netball court can be used with play ringball.
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08 Jun 2010

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What happened with this? did they form a team in Australia?
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by Carlene on 17 Nov 2015

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