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by Bosveld Koos
It's a good thing BK kept his old army uniform – since the World Cup is being played in France, the beret might just come in handy. Mind you, they have a habit of kissing each other – and even if it's on the cheeks, it's still not something that BK would enjoy, if you know what I mean.
We'll just have to buy lots of French bread, red wine, cheese and maybe even pick up a few snails in the garden (just for decoration, mind you) and watch the whole spectacle on the telly. And what a spectacle it promises to be – with the All Blacks leading the bets at the bookies at 1 to 2 and the Springboks coming in at 13 to 2, there wasn't much space left for the current cup holders (the “souties”, if you remember – thanks Johnny). At 11 to 1 France tops Australia at 12 to 1 and since they had to have a top five, Ireland's also there at 20 to 1.
Ja, poor England – to be in the same pool as the Springboks – no-one's giving them a chance. And when they lose to the Boks, their chance of a second place quarter final is further threatened by the Samoans – last time they played, the big boys from the Pacific shut down their points machine, and poor Johnny had no chance to score.
So the finalists will probably be as the bookies predict at 11 to 4 – All Blacks vs Springboks, which is just fine by BK. Either way he wins! But not one ball has been kicked yet, and anything can happen, as Troy Flavell and Piri Weepu found out to their surprise when they weren't selected…
With Australia cautiously optimistic – a far cry from their usual “grootbek” tactics and John Smit already planning the tactics for the final, it promises to be a very interesting tournament, and BK promises to dedicate his time to watching as much of it as he can!
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Posted by Bosveld Koos
08 Aug 2007

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