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by Liesel Rennie

Mark Grabe and OZNETWORX

OZNETWORX was founded in June 2005 by Mark Grabe, who decided to settle in Australia after visiting in 1999/2000. Having been in the electric motor industry for most of his life, and having owned his own company in South Africa Mark migrated to Australia in October 2003.

Mark went through a hard time going through several changes in employment after arriving in Australia and found starting again challenging, to say the least. With the changes came stress and added pressures. He found it exceptionally difficult to make friends and build a network during this time. One day Mark decided to start a Yahoo group where he met a few other South Africans in a similar situation and realised that his experiences were quite common. Wanting to help himself and others OzNetworx was ‘born' in June 2005 and had grown steadily ever since.

Mark says that OzNetworx has enabled him, his wife and new addition to the family Denise Rose (who was born on February 8, 2009) to settle in Australia, make many truefriends and grow an extensive network all over Australia. Mark has also teamed up with Sabona to host the Sabona Business Network breakfast in Sydney. He has found this to be a rewarding experience where he constantly meets new and old migrants.

OZNETWORX was formed with the specific purpose of helping people:

• To make new friends

• To help form new business networks and grow old ones through networking

• To assist in settling into a new environment

• By providing advice for new and prospective migrants OzNetworx are “People helping People” and the company's main aim is to assist others to form and maintain social and business networks, building friendships that last a lifetime.

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Posted by Liesel Rennie
25 Jun 2009

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