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by Bosveld Koos
You know when you take part in a psychological experiment and you show up and there's nobody there? And you wonder if it's part of the experiment? Well, this morning BK feels a bit like that. I mean, how do they decide who plays against who in the Rugby World Cup? Who is in the same pool? Do they draw lots, or spit in their hands and hit it to see which way it flies (like we used to do as kids when we were lost in the veld…)
Or do they have a koukus that decides: “This year the All Blacks will play against all the European teams – Italy first, then Portugal, Scotland and Romania. Ok, all agreed? Now what about South Africa? How about we put them against all the big Pacific Island boys – first Samoa, then Tonga… But that will mean they go through to the semis. Ok, well then we put England in their pool to take them out. What about Aus? Weren't they an English colony? I think so. Well, then they have to play against Wales, Canada and  Fiji. What about Japan? We can't put them against the All Blacks again. Another 100 – 0 defeat and the whole team might commit hara-kiri. Ok, let's put them against Australia then”. It will be like watching a blue movie – you know what will happen but at least you still want to watch.
So the rest goes in a pool – France, Ireland, Argentinia, Namibia (do they still exist?) and Georgia (what?!?) and we know who will go through to the final – All Blacks and Springboks. As Steph from Knysna suggests, we are all “Springegante” – Springboks and immigrants. So you decide who you want to support – BK knows where his loyalties lie…
Posted in humour | www.bosveldkoos.com
Posted by Bosveld Koos
01 Jun 2007

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