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by Liesel Rennie

Number of years 3

School type Independent

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

Johan: It is always a privilege to serve and a position like this gives one the opportunity.

About Portside:

Johan: Portside Christian School has 283 students from Reception to Year 11, extending to Year 12 in 2009. We have an Early Learning Centre with 46 students as well. The School is situated in the western suburbs of Adelaide and has been running for 32 years.

Faith based school with a very good reputation. South African students find it easy to fit in because they are used to schools similar to Portside Christian School

What have you found to be the major differences between education systems in Australia compared to South Africa?

Johan: A much more IT and assignment approach. Students need to get their IT and research skills developed.

9 Knapman Crescent
Port Adelaide
SA 5015
T (08) 83415133
M 0437526553
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Posted by Liesel Rennie
28 Oct 2008

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