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by Craig Coetzee
As a fellow South African, I can appreciate the issues that arise when moving to another country. In each edition of Sabona, we will be including an editorial. Our objective is to provide you with relevant and reliable financial information. Hopefully through doing this, we can help ease your transition into this beautiful country!

Firstly, let me tell you about the company I work for. WHK Group Limited (WHK) is one of Australasia’s largest financial services companies. It has been developed through strategic acquisitions and organic growth since 1997.

WHK provides total financial solutions to its client base via a suite of ten core services. These range from accounting and superannuation to financial planning and lending. Part of an international network, we have a strong presence in South-east Queensland.

Our locations include:

  • Benowa (Gold Coast)
  • Murwillumbah (Northern NSW)
  • Toowoomba
  • Dalby
  • Chinchilla
  • Pittsworth
Our diversity of both people and services, wealth of experience and commitment to meeting the needs of our clients is what has led us here. We look forward to covering a range of topics that will hopefully assist you to develop a sound understanding of Australia’s financial processes and market. If there is a particular area you would like us to cover, please let me know (see opposite). Ok, let’s get started!
HOWZAT - Investment is like cricket!

Many people enjoy the shortened version of the game, hitting sixes all over the park and making quick runs. Others like the longer version of the game, where patience and discipline are rewarded. Whilst certainly the spectacle of ‘1-day cricket investment’ pulls in the crowds, the batsmen who are the most valuable aren’t those with the high strike rates, but the ones who can consistently accumulate runs without losing their wickets. There may be fewer fireworks this way, but it’s a reliable approach to getting runs on the board.

Academic evidence suggests that while some active fund managers have had great success at adding some value, the majority are lucky to beat the market. There are a range of theories as to why this occurs and some managers argue that they are an exception. Regardless, on average, managers just don’t outperform the market, especially when we consider the implications of tax on their distributions.nsidering this, your choice of investment manager is a crucial element to your investment success. Choosing a manager who focuses on long-term results within the context of your circumstances and your attitudes to investment, will go a long way towards ensuring you’re not ‘out for a duck’!

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Posted by Craig Coetzee
16 Jun 2008

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