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by Gordon Guy

My wife and I arrived in Adelaide via Johannesburg and Cape Town in March. We wanted a quality of life of ‘working to live' as opposed to ‘living to work' as things had become in South Africa.

I knew what we were getting ourselves in for by moving to Adelaide as I had been out previously on a recce and was pleasantly surprised by how similar it was to Cape Town.

The pace of life is sedate – I couldn't understand why everyone was walking so slowly until I realised that I was walking too fast! The standard of living, compared to other Australian cities, was exactly what we were looking for.

In between finding work, moving accommodation three times and unpacking our shipping container, we have been amazed at the wide spectrum of things that one is able to do here.

We came to Australia with a ‘it's-what-you-make-of-it' attitude and we certainly are going to be doing our best to achieve just that. You only have one life, live it!


There is a great variety of food and eating establishments in Adelaide, mostly within a small radius of the central business district. In fact, there are more restaurants per capita head in Adelaide than elsewhere!

The Central Market is truly awesome, not just as a fruit and vegetable market. It also has its own Asian eateries and, being right next door to China Town, is in a great location. We go every Friday night for a plate of food that costs, on average, between $7 and $9.

Being Perennial Tourists

In the time that we have been here, we have been perennial tourists. It has helped to have so many places really close by. I love my wine and have found two wineries – Stonyfells and Penfold-Magill – five minutes from where we live.

We have gone up to the Adelaide Hills. It's a 20 drive from where we live and the journey takes you through pretty towns like Stirling and Hahndorf, wineries that are dotted all over the Hills, as well as Mt Lofty,Glenelg and Brighton Beaches. We swam with very friendly dolphins that regularly come near to the beach at Brighton Beaches.

After a 45 minute drive to Barossa Valley you will find yourself in world class wineries like Jacobs Creek and Wolf Blass, and there's McClaren Vale, which has a mind-boggling array of fantastic wineries and restaurants. Having spent a couple of nights there, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg.

We also went to Victor Harbour for a weekend to see the little fairy penguins on Granite Island, and slightly to the east to see the southern right whales and their calves. They were literally bobbing up and down in the surf, 50m from the beach. And at Coorong we did some awesome bird watching.

Ok, so we've also done the real touristy thing of hugging a koala and feeding the kangaroos at Cleland Wildlife Park, but hey, it was definitely on our list of things to do when we arrived.

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Posted by Gordon Guy
10 Dec 2009

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