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Shark Encounter March 08:

It is a miracle that Bianca and I made it back alive from our weekend's adventures. Our close encounter with a mean looking shark while snorkelling off Amity Point on North Stradbroke Island, made us realize how vulnerable we are to nature and her ways. The incident happened while paddling around in some shallow water just meters off the rocky point where we were admiring a kaleidoscope of colourful reef fish, coral and other sea going creatures. It was then that we disturbed this massive (judgment made on the principal that things look a lot smaller under water)

Wobbegong, which is commonly called a Carpet Shark because of its camouflaged appearance. It was difficult to see who had a quicker standing start but I did notice Bianca still doing freestyle half way up the beach.
We had arranged that a bunch of families join us for an overnight camping excursion to the island for Bianca's birthday where we cruised up and down the beaches, swam in the fresh water lakes, boogie boarded, swam at Cylinder beach and also snorkelled until our near brush with death. All the families enjoyed dinner at the Local Beach Hotel before we talked and laughed late into the night.
Lazy Days March 08
Can you believe how this year is Marching on with March ‘in sy mielie in'. We had our official office warming cocktail party on Friday night and got completely out of hand as one does when there is free food and Crown Lager (Australians finest brew) on offer. The ‘loop dop' down at the Cru Bar with my mate John and the boss was the final stiff arm tackle for the night, which had me dozing all the way home on the train. One good thing in Australia is that it isn't strange to be snoozing under a shady tree in the park much like the indigenous variety do back home. This much needed rest came while the boys charged around the BMX track flirting with our Medical aid fund. Later in the day Tyle and I caught the ‘park and ride bus' into Suncorp Stadium to watch the Reds get a ‘clap'.
Midnight Rendezvous April 08

Sunday had us down the road flying kites in the park before a dip in the sea and home to get dressed for lunch at some friends home. Had to stop and get a slab (case) of beers at the drive-thru bottle store that I'm sure has been around long before McDonalds arrived in Australia. Don't mind me if sound irritated from lack of sleep because last night the neighbours dog was barking

incessantly at some suspicious sounds and movement in our garden. I fell out of bed and grabbed the torch and a stick to try and fight off our unwanted guest before he considered breaking into to the house. I stumbled around the house in a groggy state of alertness trying to recall all those useful Bruce Lee moves. As I peep out of the window my heart skipped a beat when I spotted the perpetrator scale the boundary fence, then just sit on top. Slowly my eyes focused as the torch beam hit the target where I was amazed to see a Koala who then jumped into the tree and snuggled up for a good nights rest. He was still there in the morning with Tyle and Keal negotiating on how we could catch and tame the little fella.
Miss:Koeksisters, melktert and wild dangerous animals (Australia's biggest carnivore is a Dingo no larger or ferocious than a domestic dog)
Don't miss: Having to buy a TV Licence (Not that I ever had one), Vervit monkeys and not being allowed to drive on the beach
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16 Jun 2008

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