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by Roderick Walmsley
Its amazing how one small wonder can change ones outlook on life. We have been expecting our first child who at 5 days over term still showed no sign of joining us in this world. On the 6th of May at 2am in the morning he decided that enough was enough and he wanted to come out. At 2.30pm the same afternoon we were blessed with our first child. Kevin Walmsley weighed an impressive 9lb 5 and at 56cm was definitely over the legal limit.
My lovely wife Yolanda did an absolutely magnificent job of bringing the little man into this world of ours and the mid-wives and nurses at the Tweed hospital were top notch. If I can build up enough courage to have another (after witnessing this humbling experience firsthand), I will definitely be going back there. Itís quite a moment when the little tacker opens his eyes for the first time and looks straight into yours; WOW definitely tugs at the heart strings. A moment that will be with me forever.

I finally got my new boat (had to get it before young Kevin was born) and now my mates are lining up to buy it off me because they reckon that I wonít be using it anymore. Well I have got news for them I will and very soon! Just as soon as I have checked that there are no nappies that need changing. It wonít help asking me whatís been happening with the fishing this edition because I havenít really done much at all leading up to the deadline.

Although prior to my sonís birth we were experiencing some very good Spangled Emperor, Yellowtail Kingfish and Snapper off the Southern Queensland coast, while the numbers of Bream had not yet appeared. They should be in very shortly as I have noticed that the Mullet Netters have started to work the beaches in front of my restaurant. This generally signals the start of the schools of bream as they travel up the coast shortly after the mullet.

Judging by the predictions we might be in for a coolish winter and this means that the winter fishing should be better. The cooler the water seems to get, the better the bream, snapper and blackfish respond to it. The river mouths and inshore reefs all fish well for these species whether using lures or bait and if you are in the right place at the right time the fish should play the game.

I just need to work out how to fit a baby chair to my boat and maybe make up a pair of Velcro pyjamas to make sure he doesnít fall out. So if you see someone driving up the Tweed River in a flash Lewis Typhoon with a baby chair on the rear casting platform you know who it is. Life is an amazing thing.

Good fishing to you all till next time

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Posted by Roderick Walmsley
16 Jun 2008

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