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by Bosveld Koos

‘Having gone around the sun a few times on this spaceship called earth and recently celebrating just such a birthday, BK finds himself in a strange mood today.'

While we that have taken the steps to ensure (as much as you can ensure) our safety and wellbeing, including personal happiness and contentment, are trying our best to help those that haven't seen the light, so to speak, it is the most difficult thing on earth to try and change someone else's mind. The proverbial horse and the water story. The problem is of course that most people have a slow but sure plunge into unhappiness - and need a wake-up call to motivate them to do something about it. While a swift kick in the backside does it for some, sadly the rest need a painful incident to open their eyes to the dangers around them.
BK wishes everyday of his life that he could have an instant travel device - like on Star Trek - to bring South Africans here for a brief BK tour. It is easy to show people our beautiful parks, but much more difficult to convince them that it is safe for even women to jog after dark. BK can show off the schools, but will not be believed when remarking how the children can cycle to school. BK can even show people the cheap car prices, but how do you tell someone in South Africa that a car is not a status symbol, and that money is not important? There the only measure of success is the car in the driveway, the house in the rich neighbourhood and the obvious spending to show how rich they are.
Here BK's measure of success is the enjoyment of those beautiful parks and beaches - being able to go for a swim without worrying whether your car will be there when you get back. And not having to fight off 5 car guards. Going to the mountain for a weekend, and knowing the TV, Hi-Fi, DVD player and microwave will still be there when we get back.
Enjoying the view through the kitchen window without having to look through burglar bars. BK's guess is that the reason ex-SA's do so well in Oz and Kiwiland is that all the energy they are used to spending in SA on being alert and safe can here be spent on productive things.
Join BK in helping to convince our friends and family that there is another option - and that they shouldn't wait.
About BK

Bosveld Koos (or Koos, or BK) hails from the Groot Marico. He's an avid Blue Bulls supporter from way back. BK currently lives in New Zealand, but has his heart set on moving to Australia some time in the near future. BK was the result of an electronic conception. The fact that his MOER and his VAAR have never actually met each other speaks volumes about this miracle child. With an IQ bordering on 90, BK is of the opinion that he doesn't need to work as hard as others ... or at all for that matter.

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Posted by Bosveld Koos
23 Nov 2007

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