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by Philip Scott
A bit of a deviation this week .... I'm not going to tell you about our systems at Island Printing :) I want to talk instead about restaurants and coffee shops.
My daughter has recently started working at a lovely Italian restaurant in Parkwood called De Vito's. You may recall Australia's Got Talent finalist David De Vito, well his brother owns this restaurant. Great food, you should try it out some time when you visit the Gold Coast.
I've been chatting with Anthony (the owner) quite a bit and he has quite a few frustrations. One thing that drives him nuts is staff inefficiencies (a lot of i's and e's!). I will be exploring how systems can resolve his problems and in the process help get my daughter a promotion :)
In Australia there is a universal truth (does that even make sense?) in small business ... wages make up a huge percentage of your expenses. If your staff is only half as effective as they could be, you are losing a lot of money. He has taken a huge step. He has recognised this fact and he wants to do something about it!
Before I start suggesting what I would do in his situation (remembering I have never even worked in a restaurant!), I'd like to hear from you! Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to improve staff efficiency.
And oh before I forget .... we have some renewed interest in a Sydney breakfast! If you are in Sydney and want to attend an SBN business breakfast, please contact me by email.
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Posted by Philip Scott
16 Feb 2012

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Hi Philip, the previous comment from Michael sums it up perfectly. Michael is currently completing his Diploma of Management at my college Australian Institute of Learning on the Gold Coast. We are very fortunate in Australia to have access to Government funding for training and every employer should utilise this opportunity to train their staff to improve efficiencies. The Diploma of Management is fully Government Funded to eligible workers the impact from this training is immediate as evident from Michael's comments. By the way Michael has just enrolled and completed 1 session and already is applying all the techniques taught to ensure team effectiveness. Browse www.aiol.net.au and give me a call to discuss how we can improve your staff efficiencies at no cost to you.
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by Ricky Naicker on 29 Feb 2012

Hi Philip - I love your newsletters and always get a laugh from them.... (that's meant to be a compliment!) Re the restaurant staff - I think staff selection is where it all begins but that's often easier said than done. I also think 'incentives' could work well to encourage staff - everyone loves being rewarded. Customer service is definately what makes a business. I look forward to hearing your feedback.... cheers, Julie
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by Julie on 16 Feb 2012

Hi Phillip My name is Michael and I run and operate a small driving school in the mostly central to south Gold Coast. I have worked in restaurants and also in the printing industry for many years. I am currently studying for my Diploma of business management and we are learning about effective team management .organizing teams and teamwork with team leaders and monitors is Avery effective and modern way to run a business. Getting staff more involved as a team member they become more valued .setting clear cut goals and outcomes ,if you allow the team to contribute towards growth their motivation and morale will improve dramatically .small. Rewards and signs of appreciation go along way . As employers we cannot always be focusing on every dollar we can make but look at ways to help our staff become positive harmonious it s a challenge .learn to see what individual strengths each team member can bring to the table .like a family make them feel welcome . Examples of roles in a team . Some people are good or natural at co-ordinating,some are drivers or implementers others resourceful or problem solvers and some easy and supportive. Be prepared to train staff ,invest time to do this,, measure their performances get feedback from staff and also customers to see how you can improve things. Just a few small tips hope they help in the restaurant , Well I advertise my driving school in the sabona website and I've helped many Saffas get their Aussie license .the business name is Aussie Driver Instruction 0413959225 an Accredited and registered Business with Qld Transport & Main Roads
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by Michael Wendijk on 16 Feb 2012

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