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by Carla Baldock

It's no secret, generating home business leads is one of the biggest challenges facing home business entrepreneurs. This is typically due to ineffective lead generation training and the lack of focus on a particular marketing strategy. Many home business entrepreneurs attempt to master every marketing technique and end up mastering none.

The secret truly lies in keeping it simple. Home business leads can be generated using two major forms of marketing – online and offline marketing. Many entrepreneurs have accomplished massive success from both methods and the converse is also true, many have failed mainly due to personality mismatch.

Before analysing each technique, it's important to mention three vital points:

  • Success in home business lead generation comes by choosing a marketing method that suits the kind of person you are.
  • Your marketing technique determines the type of home business lead you attract.
  • As a business owner it's your duty to participate in relevant, effective marketing training if you wish to excel in marketing.

That said; for each marketing approach let's consider the personality profile of home business entrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers responding to the marketing.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is mostly delivered through human intervention. Some examples include flyer distribution, newspaper and television advertising, drop cards, personal contact marketing, direct marketing, presentations, home parties and outdoor signs.

It's not an absolute science, but typically the type of person who succeeds in offline marketing is a non-analytical person who enjoys people interaction, is energetic, vibrant and confident in starting conversations with strangers. They're possibly from the generation that hasn't grown up with technology.

In general the profile of the business opportunity seeker responding to this marketing approach is a conservative older generation individual who prefers to speak to the business owner (telephonically or in person) to develop a relationship and build trust before making a decision to move forward.

Online Marketing

Online marketing uses the internet to generate online leads. A few examples include pay per click, banner advertising, article marketing, social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and ezine marketing.

Generating online leads has become popular amongst most home business entrepreneurs, due to the ease of execution, mass audience providing higher volumes of potential home business leads and the 'immediacy' of results. However, generating quality online leads requires effective training and valuable experience.

Online marketing usually attracts those who are willing to take the time and effort to learn the techniques for effectively generating online leads, are somewhat analytical and computer literate, have grown up with technology and are comfortable with embracing the power of the internet.

Classical business opportunity seekers who react to online marketing are from the younger generation, are more informed about their options, expect a near-immediate response to their request and are happy to deal with people electronically instead of in person. There tends to be less trust initially, thus validation is required when building relationships and credibility.

So in essence, it's evident that the two major marketing approaches to generating home business leads appeal to different kinds of people based on the aspects involved in each method. To be successful in either strategy you need to select the approach that resonates best with you, decide on your ideal business opportunity seeker and match your marketing activity to where they are likely to be searching.

Attempting to master all marketing techniques is daunting and unrealistic when starting out and will affect your momentum, enthusiasm and results. Remember to obtain adequate training on your chosen marketing method from leaders who are already achieving the results you desire for your business.

Many home business owners miss these crucial steps and then question why they haven't achieved success! Don't become a victim, but rather a success story.

Carla Baldock fast-tracks the success of self-motivated home business entrepreneurs through effective marketing strategies, tools, systems and training.

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Posted by Carla Baldock
12 Apr 2010

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