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by Deborah Wood
The Lady on the Sea
Dreams really do come true, as former South African woman Deborah Wood has proven.
Recently getting engaged Deborah mentioned to her fiancé Stuart Kelly that she would love to spend their special day floating down the Gold Coast Broadwater on the intriguing Floating Chapel, which she often spotted in the Mariner’s Cove.
To her dismay, upon contacting the Mariner’s Cove to book for the wedding ceremony, she was told, “it was up for sale and no bookings were being taken.” Being her resourceful and determined self, Deb asked for the phone number of the owners.
She told her fiancé, it was for sale and they went and looked at it. “We loved it from the moment we stepped onboard,” she said.
Deb (left), Stuart and their good friend Cheryl Rex (right) (also ex-South African), agreed to go into partnership together and buy the well known Floating Chapel. A little known fact is that the Floating Chapel was built on the Gold Coast in 1997 and owned by South African Businessman, Alan Slade.
He had come to the Gold Coast to promote the wedding business in Australia to an overseas market fascinated by the bright lights and allure of the glitzy Gold Coast waterways.
It was sold in 2005 and the owner went back to New Zealand. The Chapel had not been in operation for the last 18 months, before it was put on the market again and sold to this group of entrepreneurial and passionate Southern Africans.
The group have started their business called Celebrations Afloat, specialising in offering a unique and memorable experience for any special occasion. The ‘Lady on the Sea’ is moored on the beautiful Gold Coast Broadwater, at Mariner’s Cove.
The Chapel is non-denominational and can cater for 70 people, offering a romantic and intimate day with 360 degree views of the Gold Coast surrounds. The ‘Lady on the Sea’ is ideal for events such as the renewal of vows, commitment ceremony, christenings, dedication ceremonies, memorial services, church group gatherings and wedding anniversaries.
It is hoped the Chapel will be re-launched at the end of April this year.
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Posted by Deborah Wood
01 Apr 2007

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Hi, i hear about the folating church from my tour agents and he said its a must to c when im in Australia.Do you allow tourist to visit the church?how to arrange a tour to the church? I would love to visit the church..Please let me know. Thank You. God Bless You. Jacqueline
Rating: 5 / 5
by Jacqueline George on 22 Aug 2007

Rating: 5 / 5
by Deborah on 19 Apr 2007

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