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by Philip Scott

Step 1: Find me at www.facebook.com/scott.philip and friend me!

No this is not a quick and dirty way for me to make some friends ... I have plenty, but I'd love more! What an awesome networking tool!

But before I get too into that let me just mention that we have a new breakfast starting up in Milton, thanks to Ruane Lipkie. The breakfast will be at Real Coffee Passion, Unit 12, 1 Park Rd, Milton, Brisbane. The first one will be at 7:30am on the 12th of August. If you're anywhere in the vicinity, please join us, and invite your associates/acquaintances and friends!

Next week I hope to tell you about some exciting new tools you can use to make Facebook work for your business, but just like attending networking breakfasts and doing some one on one marketing (networking), Facebook can be extremely beneficial for your business even without powerful tools!

Now I'm assuming you either don't have anything to hide (closet cross dresser etc ... and I'm not saying that's a problem, just using it as an example!). Facebook is very personal yes. Some people don't want their clients to see who they "really" are. I know I'm considered very outgoing, but I'm not really. Truth be told I'm a little shy at times ... ok maybe not, but I truly believe that with micro/small businesses, people deal with you because that trust YOU. If you really are trust worthy then allowing someone to get a sneak peak of who you really are can only add a measure of trust.

But more than that, it allows people to get to know you better, allows them to build a relationship with you that reaches further than the monthly breakfast functions you attend. Don't mention anything related to business all that often on Facebook, yet I get a lot of referrals. People KNOW I won't let them down.

None of us are perfect, so don't be scared people will expect you to be!

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Posted by Philip Scott
03 Aug 2011

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