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by Philip Scott

Unlike me, you're probably a naturally super organised person.

Unlike me, you probably have a diary that has every event, contact, note perfectly organised in an easy to follow structure.

Unlike me, you probably don't need any way to automate the process of keeping track of projects and tasks etc.

If you're unlike me ... skip the rest! Just go straight to where the event dates are and attend your next breakfast :)

OK, so you're like me (my condolences) ... and you need some help, only because like me, you're really busy!

Now I've used many project management systems in my time. I've even developed some that would suit my needs exactly, only it became a nightmare to maintain ... just for my own purposes.

So finally I have found one I like. It's called 5pmweb ... because its' web based ... and because it helps you complete your tasks by 5pm (well ... that's the idea anyway!).

I should say "Cloud based" really, to use today's terms. Or even better, it is a SaaS system (Software as a Service). So instead of paying a big fee initially and then buying upgrades, you just pay a small monthly fee, depending on your usage requirements.

We've been using this system extensively at myBlitz. We have 6 people on the system, allows us to schedule tasks for everyone, view and adjust the timeline ... it's great, and has upped our productivity immensely.

The system is very easy to use and they have some great video tutorials to help you get the most out of it. Performance has been really good. We use it extensively and I can say without a doubt that I've not experienced any problems.

Because it is web based (sorry, Cloud based), it is backed up for you, but more importantly you can use it from anywhere. So if you have staff working in different offices or from home, or you and your partners work from different locations ... it's perfect.

And don't think just because you may not do "Project" work that this isn't appropriate for you! If you think about it, everything you do you could consider as a "Project" made up of on or more tasks. It's like a really powerful to do list with really good time scheduling and the ability to delegate tasks to others. I like that part a lot!

Check out 5pmweb!

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Posted by Philip Scott
12 Jul 2011

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