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by Philip Scott

There is surely nothing more rewarding than finishing off a project .. especially if it was one THIS important!!!

What am I on about now again?

The SABONA BUSINESS NETWORK membership system, that's what!

Let's talk BENEFITS!!!!

As an SBN member you get:

  • Discounted breakfasts!
  • Exclusive (and automated) listing on our new SBN specific pages!
  • Automatic and FREE membership to the myBlitz rewards program!
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • An exclusive SBN membership card with FULL EFTPOS facilities! Yes, use it to pay for your breakfasts!

Annual SBN membership is only $99. To sign-up please visit www.sabona.com.au/registration.we right now so you don't forget!

For anyone wanting more business ... for FREE (well, you only pay after it's been proven you've been PAID for the business, and then YOU decide how much you want to pay ... confusing? Hmm .. call me, 0413996173 and I'll explain)

Trust me when I say you do NOT want to miss out. Register NOW!!!   You will be amazed at the benefits you'll receive!

Posted in business | MyBlitz
Posted by Philip Scott
23 Feb 2011

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