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by Philip Scott
In order to implement the perfect system, you first need to ask yourself. Is there such a thing? Is anything ever "perfect"?
No! Of course not!
That doesn't mean we don't try to get it as close to perfect as we possibly can. The key to an "almost" perfect system ... is to simply start with implementing a system!
You should not try to build the perfect system from the start either, especially if your business is alreay operational. No point changing all your focus to just developing your systems. You need to ensure your business is still turning a profit in the mean time!
I like to use a simple "implement, review, improve" process. You just start by implementing a simple system. As you use it, take note of any problems and consider how your can improve your systems, just a little bit at a time. The important thing is to remain diligent and consistent. After all, this is the process that is going to make your business more profitable than ever before.
The best systems are kept simple!
If you're in Brisbane, come and have a chat with me about systems (or the World Cup!) Our next Breakfast in Park Road Milton is this Friday at Real Coffee Passion. Great coffee by the way! So come and join me!
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Posted by Philip Scott
28 Sep 2011

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