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by Philip Scott
You know the saying "Happy wife, happy life"? (Sorry ladies just using this as a way to relate ... I know you're smarter than us mere males, so easier for you to adapt than the other way around!)
Anyway, back to keeping the wife happy ... if you're like me (I seriously hope you're not!) then you tend to get lost in your own world, and to be honest, chores at home ... well they are just chores!
Now don't get me wrong, my wife works as well (economic necessity), so I'm not trying to dodge responsibility here! I'm happy to do whatever needs to be done around the home ... it's just that I'm always to busy thinking about "more important things" to notice the things that have to be done.
For long I've suggested to my wife that she simply needs to tell me what she would like to have done, and I'll do it! No problem!
Turns out it is a problem for her, mainly because I'm forever forgetting to do the stuff she's asked me to do. Clearly this i a major flaw in my makeup, but I was determined to find a solution ... and I found it! And it cost me all of 99c!
Now you know from my past newsletters I have told you about some very clever software products, but this time I needed something really simple and quick! I've used task management tools (and man you get some fancy ones), but they were all a major overkill, and really lacked one key ingredient ... recurring tasks!
So I found a little iPhone app called "recurring". I can set a task to automatically re-appear on my very simple task list at either daily or weekly intervals.
So far my wife's not convinced yet (well OK she doesn't even know I'm using this new system!) I'm waiting for her to comment on my newfound ability to notice what has to be done around the house. Which is a lie really, because I have my phone give me a list of things I need to look for. Knowing what to look for is a LOT easier than just looking for what needs to be done :) The most important one of course is making sure there is a cold bottle of bubbly in the fridge ... happy wife, happy life!
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Posted by Philip Scott
20 Sep 2011

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