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by Philip Scott
Yes I know, it takes a while sometimes, but I always deliver even if it kills me! (Probably my single biggest weakness)
I've been promising you some really exciting info about Facebook and how you can make it work for your business. Well, I'm about to deliver!
If you're still not quite convinced about how big an impact Facebook can make on your business, I'm about to change your mind, forever!
Facebook can make you money, no matter what business you are in. A good friend of mine (Luke Fatooros, Ideas into Business ... a fellow South African living on the Gold Coast), has produced a series of videos that will show you in very easy to understand terms:
  • A simple 3 step process that turns passive fans into cash creating customers.
  • How 100,000 fans were created for one fan page using one powerful, easy to apply marketing strategy.
  • How 188 new, highly targeted fans are created in less than 12 minutes for one page
  • Plus they also show why companies like Nike, McDonalds, Gillette and Coca-Cola are focusing their advertising on their Facebook Fan pages instead of their websites!

The reason I kept delaying telling you about this was because I was negotiating on your behalf. You see, like all of us, Luke is a businessman. He created these videos at great expense to himself. Luke suggests these videos are valued at $997 (personally I think he is undervaluing his product), but I've convinced him to give FREE access to these to all SAbona members!

Go ahead and watch the videos now, let me know what you think! Talk about a great system!
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Posted by Philip Scott
14 Sep 2011

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It's been a few days now and this method works far better than I expected. It's the easiest way to generate qualified leads to promote your products to. I advertised a whole $19 for one day and then paused it and ignored it. Every day I am receiving more and more fans without spending anymore money. I have the advertising on hold so i can put a few things together on my end. I wasn't prepared for such a rapid growth.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Kevin Bowden on 19 Sep 2011

I have tried many different avenues to generate cash from my websites and I have succeeded with a few. I feel that for a few $'s this is worth a go so I signed up. Lukes customer service is way beyond what I expected for a mere $97. He is a very friendly and helpful guy and gives freely of his time. I am now building my fan page and I will then start generating fans via advertising and see how it goes. Even if it does not generate what I am expecting the insights I have gained will open up other areas of experimentation.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Kevin Bowden on 15 Sep 2011

Here's my comment, valued at $97 but yours for FREE. While some of the insights into the workings of FB were interesting, I was unimpressed when I saw Alan with Brendon Nicols and I'm equally unimpressed with him in these videos. They're basically just selling their own system for making a FB Business Page. The 'four days' doesn't mean four normal days - they totalled the actual advertising time over WEEKS to come up with 'four days'. 100,000 fans for a cricket player. How much actual money did they make from this site? Behind the rhubarb and fluff it's quite hard to come up with a cash generating site, IMHO.
Rating: 2 / 5
by Steve C on 14 Sep 2011

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