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by Anonymous
We were told – by friends, family and even one person at the removals that you can't bring certain things. After checking and from our own experience, we have found out the following…
  • Your braai: You can bring it. Just make sure it's clean. You can use porta braais on the beach here.
  • Sports equipment: Especially wooden cricket bats. You can bring them, just have them fumigated and vacuum packed at any local sports shop.
  • Mats/carpets: You can bring them. Just have them cleaned and let them dry long before you come.
  • Gardening tools: You can bring them. Just make sure they're spotlessly clean and give them a lick of spray paint if they're looking a bit rusty. Gardening stuff here is quite pricey.
  • ‘New' furniture/appliances: You can bring them. Just take them out of their boxes and wrapping so they looked used otherwise you must pay import.
  • Booze: You can bring it, but just buy as much as you want at the airport duty free. Don't try to sneak it in your container.
  • Fishing stuff: You can bring it, and that means everything – line, sinkers etc – just make sure they're all clean.
  • Wood: You can bring it as long as it's a store bought item and not market/homemade. If it is homemade, make sure there are no chips in it and it's well varnished.
  • You can't pack your own stuff: You can, and what I did was put important stuff into black or see through plastic clip containers and labelled the container (e.g. my important documents, CD and DVD collection, board games and books, small things like fishing stuff). As long as you label it and don't seal it so that they can look inside and confirm the contents.
  • Incidentally, packing in black boxes also helps if you rent when you get to Oz. You don't have to pack unnecessary items, they stack well in the garage and are waterproof.
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Posted by Anonymous
08 Sep 2010

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you cant bring Knives/swords etc (even ornamental) You cant bring anything with animal hide, plant or feathers. And of course no seeds etc either! Horse blankets / blankets etc have to be cleaned thoroughly. literally not a single hair or piece of mud etc
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by carmen on 16 Sep 2010

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