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by Slade and Kai Hoare

This movie is about a girl called Kirra (played by Bindi Irwin) and Willy the orca. Kirra, who lives in Australia, goes to see her grandpa in South Africa. Her grandpa owns a theme park that is a bit run down.

There was a big storm and Willy, who is a baby orca, got trapped near the beach. Kirra wanted Willy to go back into the ocean to be with his family. They call it a pod.

Another man who owned a bigger theme park wanted to buy Willy and keep him as an attraction to bring visitors.

At first Kirra's grandfather refused to take the money, but then they couldn't find Willy's family, and Kirra's grandfather was tempted to take the money.

Kirra was helped by her friends to take Willy into the ocean to find his family. Her grandfather tricked the other man by making a remote control orca!

We liked Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove because it has a happy ending. We also liked when Kirra swam into the pool where Willy was trapped. She jumped in the water and held his fin while he swam pulling her.

We learned from this movie that whales belong in the ocean and shouldn't be used by people just to make lots of money. It was also nice to see some African animals because the movie was made in South Africa.

We think that other children will also like this movie.

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Posted by Slade and Kai Hoare
01 Aug 2010

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