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by Migrant Saffa


It was unbelievable on ANZAC Day to see the number of Aussies turning out for pre-dawn memorial services to honour all the soldiers who have lost their lives at war. The only reason I was up so early was to pick up my mate Greg to catch our charter fishing boat at Raby Bay. We headed out past the islands and over some reefs one and a half hours from shore where we caught a bag of pig fish, pearl perch, rock cod and the skipper's beautiful 15kg dolphin fish, a piece of which we were given to cook for dinner. It was awesome.

Our family has recently been inducted into the ‘Hall of Shame' as official couch potatoes with the installation of Foxtel TV. This was done solely for the benefit of the world cups this and next year, but the television is rarely off the cartoon programs. I have, however, enjoyed the Reds tremendous display of pure rugby class this year and the all South African Super 14 final. Needless to say the Foxtel is back on the cartoon channel again.

With Bianca working so much lately she decided to get in a cleaning lady to help clean and tidy our house. However, she still struggles to come to grips with the fact that the lady is of a fairer pigment and has kids at a private school. The irony of it all is that on cleaning day Bianca has us all out of bed at sparrows cleaning the house so the lady doesn't think we live like pigs. The reason Bianca has to work so hard is that we took Tyle to an orthodontist and the good doctor immediately ordered a new Mercedes when he saw Tyle's over-bite. I guess poor Tyle was in for a hiding from the start if you consider his mom was called ‘Bytel Bek' and his dad was often referred to as ‘Bugs Bunny'.


You only notice how quickly life passes by when you see your own children grow up. My eldest son, who only ten years ago was a crappy nappy cadet, recently had to make his first ever big decision. This life altering choice, which would affect him for the rest of his life, took him almost a week to make. All his pondering showed visible signs of immense strain as he had to finally choose between going to watch the rugby at Suncorp Stadium or attending his first ever school disco. Let the record show that he chose to go dancing with the girls and catch the second half of the rugby on TV. Our inside mole and reliable informant told us that Tyle plucked up the courage to have no less than five dances where the boy puts his hands on his partner's shoulders and she on his hips and then they jig to 1,000 watts of pure distortion in a blinding strobe light. (Oh, to be a fly on the wall!) Nonetheless, he came through it injury free and was able to turn up for his club rugby game on Sunday.

Australians are funny. I was tickled pink the other day when I saw the name badge on the rather rough-and-tough looking security guard at a local music store. His title was ‘Loss Prevention Officer'. Brisbane does have the reputation of being laid back and this was confirmed when walking around the city the other day I noticed that the only guys wearing suits are the guys in finance and people going to a job interview.

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Posted by Migrant Saffa
01 Aug 2010

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