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by Roderick

Summer is here and with it comes the warm weather. This warm weather brings all the favourite summer species on the bite. The time to dust off the trolling gear has finally arrived. Black marlin, mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi and all the popular tuna species will be viable species when trolling the offshore reefs. The black marlin season is shaping up to be a good one with schools of bait already moving into its usual haunts. If you haven’t caught a black marlin yet, this could be the season to do it. Trolling a small spread of pushers at between five and eight knots is a good method of covering ground while looking for bait schools. Once you’ve located some good schools of bait, give it a good work over with the lures. If you don’t get a strike, you need to stop on a good school of bait and jig up a few livies. Then slow trolling two livies behind the boat could be the key to a hook-up. Putting the motor in and out of gear to allow the livies to sink back into the bait school is usually a technique that works.

Mangrove jacks and trevally will be terrorising the local baitfish up the creeks and I will hopefully be getting amongst these fish this summer. That is if my seven month old boy gives me enough of a chance to sleep. He has now got four teeth and decided that he wants to start walking as well. Sleep is not an option for my lovely wife, Yolanda and me.
Two techniques for targeting mangrove jacks would be trolling or casting hard body minnows or soft plastics along rock walls or rock bars or any structures up the creeks. If you are not keen on the lure fishing then live baiting with mullet or herring is just as good. The key is finding structure near deep water. The techniques for catching trevally are fairly similar to catching mangrove jacks, except it is generally a lot more visual. You can actually find the fish chopping up the bait and casting your lures into the fish and hook-ups are generally immediately if the lure you use matches the baitfish the trevally are eating.

Summer is a great time to be on the water on the beautiful Gold Coast. Just be aware of the increased boat traffic and think safety first. I haven’t quite got the baby chair on the boat yet but if you see the Lewis Typhoon up and down the waterways come over and say “Good day”. Good fishing to you all and wishing you and your families a great festive season.

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Posted by Roderick
19 Dec 2008

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