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by Jill Hutchison

I'm writing this on a laptop that has had the battery removed because it had become so useless that it barely lasted 10 minutes. It has struck me that there is an analogy between human life and appliances that use batteries.

I'm reminded also of the analogy as I think of the use of mobile phones. The multi-functional Blackberry that I use at home only lasts a day when I'm using it a lot. However, during trips to the United States, I use a little basic phone that only needs charging once a week. The difference though is that the basic phone does not perform many functions.

So it is with people – if we're performing lots of functions, we need to ensure that we get proper charging, and we might need more charging than we needed previously when we performed fewer or more basic functions. It is also necessary to determine whether all the functions that we are performing are really necessary.

My friend Mary Ellen recently asked me to write an article for moms about taking a break. She made the suggestion after I told her that during a business trip I was going to take two days of time-out to recharge my batteries. I've realised that having time-out for myself is crucial to maintaining my creativity. When I'm going flat out with client appointments, networking, running workshops and events, and getting things done (not to mention running the household with a husband and three children), then I don't seem to have the time and energy to sit and create.

However, things are different when I take a holiday and really have time to chill out. During this time I can get up when I feel like it, take long walks on the beach, have lots of holiday fun with the kids, and then I'm brimming with ideas to use in articles, with clients, and in my next workshop. I can be so much more creative when my batteries are fully charged.

Charging batteries is not a one-size-fits-all type of process -- just like different appliances need different types of chargers, people also differ as to what recharges our batteries, as well as to what drains our energy.

For some travel is a charger, for others it is draining. Shopping can be exhausting, or it can be an enjoyable time-out.

What is your charger?

Jill Hutchison of Evolve Dynamic is an attitude adjustment coach, LifeSuccess consultant and business partner of Bob Proctor from the hit movie The Secret.

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Posted by Jill Hutchison
25 Aug 2010

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