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by Lani Wilson

A group of local South African and Zimbabwean expats will this week launch an advertising campaign to thank Australia and their new hometowns on the Sunshine Coast for the warm welcome received upon their arrival to the community.

Established by South African born Robin Bristow, owner of Bristow Architecture; the campaign was prompted by an annual return to his home town in September 2011.

“I have visited South Africa on several occasions since my arrival to Australia five years ago, but during my last trip found I just wanted to get back here immediately,”

“I had to listen to stories from my brother in law who endured a torturous 4 hour home invasion, and later our host in Windhoek showed us a gunshot wound he had received at his front gate- events that would never happen during a normal day in Australia.”

Upon his return, Robin found himself eternally grateful and profusely thanking Australians for allowing his family to live in such a safe and secure environment.

“Originally it took me several months to get used to the sight of women walking alone at night and seeing old ladies sitting by themselves in a park – so incredibly different to the reality in South Africa,”

Making up a significant percentage of all expats living on the Sunshine Coast, the South African community have purchased property, run successful businesses and send their children to local schools making their integration into the community effortlessly seamless.

When asked if there was any other reason behind the campaign Robin simply expressed a genuine gratitude for the country he now calls home.

“Australia is a prosperous and peaceful country and we feel privileged that you allow us to share it with you,”

“So for that reason, and that reason only, I would like to say a huge and sincere ‘Thanks Australia'!”

For more information on the ad or the reasons behind its creation Robin urges people to visit their official ‘Thanks Australia' Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/thanksaustralia

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Posted by Lani Wilson
07 Mar 2012

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