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by Liesel Rennie

There are many choices your child will have to make when considering tertiary education. There are a lot of services available to help you through these decisions but you will need to learn to ask for help and make the most of any occasion that you can to learn more about the Universities you are interested in, such as open days and career expos. Most universities have a career guidance department too. You will find events listed on the University’s websites.

Entry and Enrollment requirements

Entrance requirements for tertiary education is determined by individual providers and takes into account your ‘education ranking’. If you did not go to school in Australia your international qualification will have to ranked against one of the following:
State / Territory
Rank Name
Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank
Overall position (OP)/ Rank
University Admission Index (UAI)
Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER)
There are various options available to students that do not initially meet requirements, to help them improve their ranking and still qualify to enrol in university. Most universities have two enrolments per year.

FEES and HELP [used to be called HECS]

FEE-HELP is a loan given to eligible fee paying [domestic] students to help pay part or all of their tuition fees.

You are considered a domestic student if you are:

» An Australian citizen;
» A New Zealand citizen; or
» The holder of a permanent visa

Eligible domestic students can access either a Commonwealth supported place or a domestic fee-paying place, which means you are eligible for a Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) loan to assist with your tuition costs. Students repay their loan through the tax system once their income is above the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment.

Additional expenses

Course fees are not the only expense students will incur as part of their studies. Additional expenses may include:

» Student union fees
» Costs for text books, study material
» Accommodation and general living expenses
» Travel expenses
» Charges for services incidental to their course.


Other Reference Sources
Some of the information in this article has been sourced from the publication ‘OzDownunder’ [www.ozdownunder.net]. This publication has a wealth of information and tips that is an absolute must for anyone considering the move.
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Posted by Liesel Rennie
28 Oct 2008

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