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by Carey Bellamey
Why did we settle here you ask? Well, if you didn't ask, I'll tell you anyway.
I knew that my 6 year old daughter Amber and I were so lucky to be living in Australia. (We had immigrated from S.A. 2 years previously). I was a textile designer in a studio in Melbourne and all was well, whilst the garden door of the studio opened onto Ambie's school playground. How handy was that! But when the studio moved, suddenly we were traveling 3 hours each day. Eventually I said to Amb, "If we have to move - let's really move and look for a different lifestyle. Pack up," I said, "and we will head north. If I find a job and we hou van die plek, that's where we'll stay."
So we did that. We packed up the car and drove north stopping at various places to sprinkle my C.V. around. I thought I'd find several jobs. When I was younger, I could choose from many. I had a Masters degree in textiles, had worked in hotels and ships, including the Q.E.2. and had sparkling references. When you get older it get's harder though. We had driven all the way up to Brisbane, when I finally received the one and only job offer. It was in Port Macquarie. They call it God's waiting room for two reasons. It's such a lovely place to live, and because lots of people retire here!
I'll always remember when we first drove though the town, I could see lots of sky because the buildings were mostly low. This was a novelty because I've always lived in big cities. Palm trees line the main streets and the Alma Doeppel berths permanently at the picturesque town green. Port is special because it's alive, not sleepy, but not too big....yet! One can still bump into friends several times a day whilst out and about.
Ambie loves it here, nice school and friends. It's a good life. We are so fortunate. Amb has been wonderful through the hard times. I'm lucky to have a daughter like her. She's 13 and so capable, funny and clever. She fixes the broken things, and thinks nothing of building new things like our fans and the ready to assemble computer desk. Thank goodness! I've given up my role of being operator of all things technical and electrical - can't keep up with it. But she knows all.
As for me - I'm O.K. Always a bit stressed with this huge mortgage. But at least we have a house. I can't be a textile designer here in Port because the studios are in Sydney and Melbourne. I'm receptionist and sometimes manager at a motel and I clean rooms and cook brekkies too. We deliver brekkies to the rooms. Guests can sit on their balconies and watch the sparkling river flow slowly by. Palms moving gently in the breeze. Town is a short stroll across the Hastings River. I also do a bit of merchandising, and paint the odd mural when a commission comes along. There's only one thing left to make this picture complete... Maybe eendag, our B.K. will come for a kuier! I'll be hanging out for that day!Why did we settle here you ask? Well, if you didn't ask, I'll tell you anyway.
Posted in social | Port Macquarie Hastings
Posted by Carey Bellamey
01 Apr 2007

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We too are ex- South Africans who emigrated to Australia and for visa reasons bought a business in Grafton. Busines is very good, but living in Grafton is like having moved from Cape Town to a Karoo dorp- culturally very different! Considering a move to Port Mac. but want to know how much humidity there is in summer. Grafton is ghastly with 5 months of oppressive humidity! We really have to move somewhere cooler - Any comments?
Rating: 5 / 5
by julie van dalsen on 13 Sep 2012

As an Aussie living Overseas for these past 10 years. At last 2012 has nearly arrived. 3 year on from when we decided 2012 would be the year for us to sell our hime here in America with the view of relocating into the PMQ area. This time On April 27th, 2012: our home in America so we can come home finally and at last!! Empty nesters (47 & 50) who are so thrilled & excited; as 25 yrs ago (Dec 27th) we fell in love with PMQ during aour Honeymoon!! A local realtor from the McGrath Real Estate Group has become a valuable adviser & friend willing to advise us on different matters regarding living / life in PMQ-:) Over these past 3 years I've research as much online as is available; along with reading any blog posts available. However, what I need now is to begin connecting via email & Facebook with locals who I can chat honestly with; so in July 2012 when we relocate into the area we won't be entirely total strangers and lonely / alone? Therefore, if you willing to communicate I'd welcome hearing from you: sandy.c@comcast.net ---- FB: Sandy Chamberlain. Winchester VA. America. "PLEASE":: only genuine locals wanting to honestly share information regarding "Living Life as a Local in PMQ" as well, with the view of developing a social friendship only!! Merry Christmas & Happy New YearF from this Aussie Dreamer who's stranded living in America during their worst Real Estate Climate ever!!
Rating: 5 / 5
by Sandy Chamberlain on 23 Dec 2011

Carey; I'd welcome connecting with you through; so look me up via my link email contact above. I'm a ASPM: Accredited Staging Professional"MASTER" who will absolutely be seeking to begin my own Company when we settle into PMQ area. I also am a Aussie Trained & Certified Decorator & Designer from Sydney. Therefore, maybe you and I could join forces in a PMQ business together: PSS:Property Stager & Stylist Do you think we can connect via email or facebook; if not to join forces in business then we at least have a common interest in Decorating as well PMQ area. To which I can't seem to learn enough from different Locals with regard to life living in PMQ. I enjoy hearing their tales and twists on PMQ. Hope to hear from you soon; if FB; let me know who you are with a message 1st. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!
Rating: 5 / 5
by Sandy Chamberlain on 23 Dec 2011

Thinking of moving to Port Macquarie at the end of 2011. Do you need another Dental Prosthetist, Bank Manager, Business manager and a Plumber in Port Macquarie?
Rating: 5 / 5
by Mandy Evezard on 18 Feb 2011

Ex South Africans, thinking of moving to Port Macquarie at the end of 2011. Do you need another Dental Prosthetist, Bank Manager, Business manager and a Plumber in Port Macquarie?
Rating: 5 / 5
by Mandy on 18 Feb 2011

Good stuff - we moved to Port from Cape Town 18 months ago. It's great because we have many SA friends here, the climate is good, and people are friendly.
Rating: 4 / 5
by John Oxley on 15 Apr 2007

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