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by Philip Scott
I've been in Australia for 20 years now! Yes I know, this is a ridiculously long time, but I do love this country.
What I don't love, is that the general Australian public does not share my love of rugby! This past weekend we had the NRL and AFL grand finals, and as a result people every were skipping work on Monday, yet Sunday's huge game between the Springboks and the Wallabies hardly get a mention.
Of course these days 1/3rd of the population are South African, and 1/3rd are New Zealanders, so popularity is increasing! Sadly though, the Aussie public support the Wallabies only when they are on top. And let's face it, right now they are not!
What does rugby have to do with our general theme of systems this year?
I just can't help but think about the implications of the game this weekend. You see, after 20 years in Australia I finally made the switch at the start of the tri-nations this year and started supporting the Wallabies. I did not choose to by the way. I've been a huge Queensland Reds supporter for many years now. My now 10 year old son and I have not missed a game at Suncorp stadium in 4 years! So you can imagine how excited we were when the Reds won the Super 15. With half the Reds in the Wallabies, how do I NOT support the Wallabies?
This week-end's game is a knock-out. This means either the Wallabies or the Springboks will NOT be proceeding in the competition, which is a real shame as I would have loved them to meet each other in the finals. Yet another of my dreams shattered!!!! That along with a romantic dinner with Charlize ...
Whoever wins this weekend will be the team I support in the RWC from thereon. Not because I'm switching teams based on who wins, but simply because the Wallabies are my #1 team and the Boks my #2 team. So if either of them are knocked out it is only natural I'd be supporting the other!
Forgive me for sharing rugby with you instead of systems to improve your business, but I'm a typically male ... focused ... on one thing at a time! And right now it is ...
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Posted by Philip Scott
05 Oct 2011

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Jason After so many years of failing in the world's biggset rugby event, it looks like the All Blacks have just two more hurdles to overcome that the next is your beloved Wallibies, next door neighbors or should I say neighbours is what sport is all about. I strongly suggest that coaches reading the GM2 blog consider buying and sharing the Springbok story The 16th Man by ESPN. Powerful team stuff. In any case, looking forward to watching the showdown live. And hey Jason, spent yesterday with none other than Natalie Cook, who is going for her 5th Olympics in London. McKenzie and I taught her sitting vball on Sunday along with 100 other IOC Olympians and Paralympians in town for their 5th ever Athlete Summit, then she spent the day at USA Volleyball's office swapping ideas and having lunch with my grassroots department staff at Bambinos- best Italian food in town Another Ozzie doing good things in our sport, like you .good luck as your season winds down.
Rating: 4 / 5
by Micheal on 28 Oct 2015

You're not alone! May the best team win on Sunday! (go the boks!) Please keep the Cup in the Southern Hemisphere though. So, if all else fails ... (hate to say it) go the AB's
Rating: 5 / 5
by Monica Metrowich on 05 Oct 2011

Ag no man, Boks should be no 1 team and Aussies no 2, once a Bok always a Bok!
Rating: 5 / 5
by Micheal on 05 Oct 2011

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