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The king of comedy, sms and internet jokes, Kevin Perkins (aka Mike Naicker), will bring his unique brand of comedy to Australia and New Zealand in August and September.

Kevin's show is a combination of mainstream stand-up comedy and ‘tales from the street' told through the eyes of his Indian alter-ego, Mike Naicker.

Kevin Perkins talks to Philip Scott

How did you discover your alter ego, Mike Naicker?

I made him up as a joke when I bought a tricked out car from a friend. It had all the stereo-typical South African Indian modifications and was great fun to drive. I sent my friend an email telling her how the car made me feel like I was part Indian. The email caused quite a stir in the resort where she was working and she said I should include the Indian thing as part of my stage act. I tried it out at my next open mic night and the rest is history.

What are some of the most significant or exciting things you have done as a result of your stand-up comedy career?

I have met and become friends with some really amazing people. I have had sold out shows all over South Africa (one was for 3,000 people at the ICC in Durban and another for 1,800 people at Kings Park). I have been able to make some really meaningful contributions to charities and look after my family. Travelling around the world entertaining people is a rare privilege that I never take for granted.

According to you who is the funniest comedian?

Me, of course.

What elements are essential to a great comedic performance?

Confidence, audience connection and timing.

Which performers have influenced you most?

I have never been influenced by comedians as such, but rather by situation comedies (BBC stuff such as ‘Fools and Horses', ‘Fawlty Towers', Benny Hill, Russ Abbott, ‘Monty Python'). Although I have to say that two of my favourite comedians of all time are Paul Hogan and Kevin Bloody Wilson. I never saw Paul do stand-up, but we LOVED his TV show as kids and Kevin Bloody Wilson…well...he is a legend!

Who is the worst comedian you have ever heard?

Probably me when I'm drunk.

What's your greatest weakness?

Breasts, fast cars and chocolate…Show me a big breasted Cadbury's sales rep in a Lamborghini…and I'm finished!

What advice would you give to those looking at jumping into the game of stand-up comedy?

Don't listen to criticism from other comedians. Believe in yourself, being funny is not a curse, it's a gift!

Why do you want to perform in Australia?

I love the Aussie sense of humour, and although my show for this tour is geared primarily to SA expats, I'm hoping we'll get a fair number of Aussies at the shows too.

What is the funniest thing you've heard about Saffers in Oz?

They'll travel vast distances and pay top dollar for a piece of biltong and a bottle of Mrs Balls Chutney. It's also funny how Afrikaans is spoken by English expats like a secret code.

Note: Not for the faint-hearted, Kevin's comedy is razor sharp and cuts to the bone. This Saffer pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

Comedy Thunder Down Under performance dates:

  • Perth on August 25,
  • Melbourne on August 30
  • Auckland on September 1,
  • Brisbane on September 3,
  • Gold Coast on September 8
  • Sydney on September 10.

Book through SAbona at http://www.sabona.com.au/buy.tickets.ews

Plus…WIN a date with Mike Naicker!

You stand a chance to win one of six dates with Mike Naicker just by purchasing a ticket to the show.

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01 Aug 2010

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