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by Cheryl Goodenough

This book by Derryn Campbell was published in April –great timing with all the vibe around the Soccer World Cup. Derryn writes that the purpose of ‘Awesome South Africa' is to present a collection of random trivia, facts and fun that provide a light-hearted celebration of South Africa.

In the introductory section, she writes: “The objective of the pages is to enlighten and entertain whilst encouraging an understanding and appreciation for the country, its spectacular beauty and the many cultures which make up this Rainbow Nation.”

And that it certainly does. It includes so much information that it's almost a valuable reference book. There are facts and figures about South Africa's history, sport, animals, music, just about everything that you can think of that relates to South Africa (and probably a couple of things that you wouldn't have considered relevant).

It certainly is a feel-good book about South Africa, but for me the best part was all the information and the thought that this is something that I could page through with my children so that they can learn more about where we come from, our heritage. Partly because we're now living in Australia, but there really is so much in the book that can provide a wealth of information for all South Africans or anyone interested in South Africa.

Each double page spread focuses on a different theme, and the book has more than 200 pages so it's really a treasure chest to be savoured over time. And each spread has been well designed, with great pictures, which really contributes to the desire created by the book creates to really just linger over the pages, again and again.

This is just a snippet of what's to be found just paging through the book: Information about South Africa's 11 official languages; extreme weather statistics; animal proverbs in different Southern African languages; funny photographs; the legend of the Hole in the Wall on the Wild Coast; comedians writing about what they love about South Africa; South African world records; South African inventions and climate change.

‘Awesome South Africa' is available in Australia. See http://www.awesomesa.co.za/ or email info@awesomesa.co.za.

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Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
27 Jul 2010

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The world cup was such a great success, especially in the way it brought the nation together. South Africa proved to the world that it had the potential to stage this event despite its critics. This book should be on my coffee table!
Rating: 5 / 5
by Ed Taylor on 17 Aug 2010

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