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by Anonymous
What can audiences in Australia expect from you?
   Every show is energetic. It's a sing-a-long type of show that always leads to people dancing on their chairs.
What do you miss from or about South Africa when you travel overseas?
   I miss the sunshine and a good steak!
How would your best friend describe your personality?
   Ask my best friend…I would say I am a people-friendly person and I live life to the full.
What is your favourite South African food?
   Oxtail or a lamb neck potjie.
What do you serve when you're entertaining?
   Bunny-chow . I serve a lamb or mutton curry with a bit of a bite in a hollowed out half loaf.
What music is currently playing in your car?
   Robbie Williams' new CD. Trying to get used to it!
What's your favourite overseas holiday destination?
   It's a toss-up between Venice, Paris and London. All three places have a different appeal to me.
What's your favourite Southern African holiday destination?
   Kruger Park and my own game farm in Naboomspruit.
What things in life make you truly happy?
   Smiling faces. I can't stand negative people. And when I'm on stage and I look at the crowd in front of me and they know all the words to my         songs.
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
   I wanted to become a vet or game ranger.
To what do you attribute your success?
   I think I can read my listenership well. I give them what they want. People want to forget about the stress and have fun.
What do you hope to achieve in the next five years?
   I want to firmly establish my own record label and get involved in building developments.

See Kurt!

Kurt is performing with Arno Jordaan.

In Brisbane

Where: Sharksport Function Centre
When: July 17 at 6pm
Tickets: From $50 from Leon Marx sales.samusicdirect@gmail.com, 0488 494 270 or 07 3482 4082

In Perth

Where: Arena Joondalup
When: July 24 at 8pm
Tickets: From $50 from www.ticketmaster.com.au.
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Posted by Anonymous
01 Jun 2010

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