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by Cheryl Goodenough

An entrepreneur at heart, with a positive attitude to life, a desire to be creative and an outgoing personality. That's how former Kempton Park resident Lynda Owen, who arrived in Brisbane on December 31 last year, describes herself. Lynda, who's an inspiring attendee at Sabona BusinessNetwork meetings and the Brisbane Coffee Club, has been looking for work ever since she and her husband Cedric, a mechanical engineering designer, landed in Australia.

Not deterred by the difficulties that sheis faced with, Lynda considered some of the things that she's passionate about and came up with photography and scrapbooks. A friend suggested compiling photo books.

Lynda acknowledges that such books are produced by some of the major stores, but believes that providing a personal touch will help her to create extra special keepsakes for her clients.

The beautiful photo books are appropriate for special events including birthdays, weddings, special holidays, a year in Australia, or can be mementos that include items such as special recipes for a wedding gift and the like. “The books can focus on absolutely anything. I'm doing one on the animals that I left behind in South Africa because I really do miss them so much,” says Lynda. “Life goes by so quickly and everyone has photos, but where do they usually sit? On a hard drive, on a CD or in a shoe box,” answers Lynda. “Who sees them there? No one, but if you have a book like this and friends come around they will pick it up off your coffee table and look at it.

Lynda owned her own freight company Timeless Freight in South Africa, and has adjusted the name for her Australian business, calling it Timeless Books. The Owen's journey to Australia was a short one, having decided somewhat tongue in cheek to relocate, Lynda only insisted that she wouldn't leave South Africa without Cedric having a job. So when he got a job in Australia, she had no other reason to stay in South Africa. About six months after their first discussion they landed in Brisbane. “It was truly God-ordained for us to be here. Everything

ran so smoothly,” says Lynda. Asked what she believes has helped her to settle in a new country and start her own business in such a short space of time, she says that her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the desire to get to know people and to help them by creating something special. “I have also decided that I refuse to sit at home doing nothing. The broom, iron and me are not great friends,” she says with a glint in her eye.

Emphasising the need to have a positive attitude when moving to a new country, Lynda says migrants have to decide that the move will be successful. “People are not going to come to you, even if they are fellow South Africans. People are always willing to give a helping hand, but you have to get out there, to work hard at meeting people.”

Lynda also believes that migrants cannot do it alone and hopes that through the relationships she's developing with other new arrivals she can provide support. “I hope that I can encourage people especially when they are feeling low. We all feel that way at times, and if I'm able to help people on a personal level and through my business, I feel that I'm really achieving something,” adds Lynda.

Optimistic that her business with thrive, Lynda says that at the very least she'll have the wonderful keepsakes of her own that she's made as samples. “And I would have made a whole lot of friends.”

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Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
20 Aug 2009

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