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by Peter Swensson

I recently attended a business seminar, one of the many that I try to attend on a regular basis and sure enough the central theme was “16 easy steps to make your business work”

Whenever the ‘Steps to Success’ are presented, in amongst all the steps, you will always find the following combination words or phrases thrown in; Business Networking, Referral Systems and Relationship/Database marketing . These steps are always included but never with much of a clear cut strategy on how to do it.

The way I see it is that “Lead Generation” has to be seen as the single biggest Critical Success Factor of your business. The mistake that most of us make however, is that we see ourselves as serving in our chosen profession. In other words we see ourselves as a Plumber, or a Real Estate Agent, or an Accountant. As long as we see ourselves as exclusively in our chosen profession we are still wearing the hat of an employee or self employed person and will always get caught up in the trap of cyclical success. We advertise or prospect until we get work, and then we work until we have to prospect again.
Everyone should see themselves as having two jobs, their chosen profession and lead generation. Lead generation is a function of your business that should be regarded as foundational. It should be programmed and consistent, regardless of how much work you do or don’t have. Such a goal cannot be achieved without having a system. When we have achieved the implementation of a successful lead generation system we have made the shift from employee or self employed to business owner.

The definition of a ‘system’ is something that has been set up by you, but once implemented can run almost independently or with as little input from yourself as possible. If ever there was a need for something to be systemized for a small business owner it would have to be Lead Generation. A predictable consistent flow of high quality leads allows you to focus on that aspect of your profession that you know best without having to constantly change roles and desperately chase leads whenever the cycle changes.

Most small business owners who recognize the need for consistent lead generation usually fail for lack of persistence and the lack of a system. We are all too busy working in our business to find the time to work on our business. We forget that every minute spent on working on our business should be dedicated to setting up systems that are designed to leverage our business and give us more free time.

The definition of a “TurnKey Operation” is ‘ supplied and installed complete and ready to operate’ Websters Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged,1993

The focus of the TurnKey system is on attracting rather than prospecting for business. TurnKey’s proven Referral Generation System equips agents and business owners to make the shift from traditional prospecting, and focus instead on a systematic, relationship-centered approach to lead generation. This is achieved through a combination of Customer Relationship Management Software, one on one coaching, and researched and systemized relationship building communication material.

Next month we will be taking a look at the difference between traditional marketing methods and proactively targeting warm pre qualified referrals, conversion ratios, and the value of tracking your lead generating activities to your maximum advantage. Go to any business seminar and invariably they will sermonize “the 7, 10, 12 or however many steps to success”

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Posted by Peter Swensson
19 Dec 2008

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