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by Sarah Oostryck

Fairytales do come true…..

At the day spa where I work as a beauty therapist, we specialise in pampering our clients and making their days spectacular. While this day seemed routine, I had no idea it would turn out to be beyond my wildest dreams! I was looking forward to a nice evening bush walk with some friends at the Natural Arch in Springbrook.
One of my client's was running late for his appointment, so the other girls (who were all in on it) decided to distract me with a cup of tea. A few moments later my boss popped her head in the door saying that my client had arrived and was waiting in the treatment room. With that I took the last sip of my tea, gently knocked on the treatment room door and walked in, only to find my boyfriend Shane sitting on the treatment bed with a huge bunch of roses in his hands and a grin from ear to ear. I was so stunned I just exclaimed “What are you doing here?” “Are you my client?”
“I'm going to take you on a little adventure tonight” Shane said and from that moment, I knew that this was the night I had been dreaming of!
He whisked me out of the spa, down the stairs to a limousine waiting to take us to our next destination. After a quick stop home to change I was quickly ushered back into the limousine. The 20 minute limousine ride took us to Marina Mirage where Shane led me down one of the main jetties. As we neared the end, he said “Ok, are you ready?” and at that moment I realised we were standing right in front of the Helicopter Tours! I was so excited; I love adventure and had always wanted to go on a helicopter flight. We took off just as the sun was beginning to set and with the most fluid of motions, we were soon flying high above the beautiful Gold Coast towards the hinterland.
Twenty five minutes into our flight (once I had lost all sense direction) we came across a section of cliff which had a U bend and nestled right at the bottom of the cliff away from any other form of civilisation was the quaintest little lodge. We hovered down onto the helipad in the field just outside the lodge with the grazing cows and feeding paddymelons. Waiting to greet us were the owners of the Quamby Falls Lodge, Ian and Norma-Jean.
They took us over to the fruit orchard where a gorgeous little gazebo was set up for us with champagne, flowers, candles and two rocking chairs. Here we stayed for half an hour just enjoying each other's company, and soaking in the beautiful sunset and the sounds of nature. At twilight, Ian came down from the lodge with two torches and said “Right Shane, you know where to take her”.
My hand in his, Shane led me around the back of the lodge and through a small path in the rainforest.Ducking and weaving through ferns, we discovered a trickling stream where twinkling like fairy lights, dozens of fireflies danced in the moonlight. It will remain one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. We took a few more steps and to my utter disbelief I heard the sounds of a string quartet nestled in the bush!
At this moment I almost burst into tears! I managed to stay composed and to walk down tiny stone steps into the most spectacular area I have ever seen in my life! It was like a dream, never before had I seen such a beautiful display of nature as I saw here.

We had just walked into a tiny gully with a little waterfall that went into a s mall pool, then continued to join the stream we had seen earlier, and it was just a glow with lanterns and candles on every ledge, bamboo shoots which dropped lanterns into the waterfall, flowers everywhere you looked, a table set next to the pool for the two of us, another bamboo shoot over the table dropping lanterns and angel trumpet flowers above our heads!

Too astonished to say anything and completely lost in the moment we both just stood holding each other, “gob smacked”.
After entrées were served, Shane took my hand and led me to the waterfall. A familiar tune entered the air, and it took me a few moments to realise that the quartet were playing “our” song, “Come what may” from the movie
Moulin Rouge.
It was at this moment that Shane got down on his knee, produced the ring from his pocket and asked the question I had been waiting to hear: “Sarah, I love you, will you marry me?” Of course the answer was a huge “YES!” and was followed with many tears from the both of us!
Shane and I are now looking forward to celebrating our wedding on the 18th of August 2007, a fairy tale ending to a fairy tale story!
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Posted by Sarah Oostryck
01 Jun 2007

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Hi Karooseun,i'm very happy to hear from you i never thought i would. do you know if that VERKRAMPTE site will be reopened? i would love to know what ever happened to Fred and he's ILK,please let me know if you know anything. take care mate.
Rating: 5 / 5
by uhru on 15 Feb 2010

What you have not seen Karooseun yet,wait till you have seen him than only can you write about the most romantic oke in OZ
Rating: 5 / 5
by Karooseun on 26 Sep 2009

uhru,At last I have heard from you,if you read this,please keep in touch,and I have to thank Sabona for this.How are the verkramptes doing,now that RSA portal is not on the inernet anymore.Dankie Sabona.....
Rating: 5 / 5
by Karooseun on 21 Sep 2009

well said Karooseun. howz it mate??
Rating: 5 / 5
by uhru on 31 Aug 2009

What is needed is a Forum were we can have our say or perhaps find people that we knew in South Africa..Thank you...Karooseun
Rating: 3 / 5
by Karooseun on 28 Jun 2009

Well, this is truely romantic, brought tears to my eyes! Well done Shane.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Chelsea on 29 Jun 2007

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